Red Starbucks cups invites all religions

Vanessa Villasenor

So we have all heard about the infamous seasonal red cup Starbucks recently released for the upcoming winter season.

However, not everyone is too pleased with the more simplistic cup and is saying Starbucks took Christmas out of the cup, thus it is a reflection on the company’s attitude toward Jesus Christ.

That is not the case, Starbucks is making a statement, in which the cup is a blank canvas that is to remain neutral and inviting to people of all religious backgrounds.

The Los Angeles Times quoted Joshua Feuerstein in an email he sent to Washington Post, in which he said that the cup was a larger war against Christianity in America by not including traditional festive designs.

In all honestly, it was a smart move on the company’s part to leave the cup open to interpretation as to how different people view the winter season since not everyone thinks of Christmas during that time of year.

Besides, how does not having a snowman, a sleigh, snowflakes or Santa Clause offensive to the Christian faith?

It is mind boggling to think how one religious group can think that it’s offensive to them only, what about the people who do not celebrate Christmas they can say the same about having festive designs put on the cup.

If festive designs is what they want, then grab a marker and draw it on, that is the beauty of the solid red cup.

For whomever buys a cup of coffee, be as creative as they want with how they would like their cup to look like without it being the same as the person next to them.

At the end of the day it is just a cup.

There are far more important things that people should spend their time thinking about instead of a seasonal cup because before you know it, this will be gone just as soon as it came.