There is more to be thankful for this holiday season

Amber Phillips

Typically when asking someone what they are thankful for, one usually says that they are thankful for their mom, dad and family.

No one usually says that they are thankful for being alive or that they are thankful for having stability in their home, for having peace and actually being able to have Thanksgiving dinner with family.

A lot of people are not able to sit around the dinner table with family and just have a great time together.

There are way more things to be listed that one may be thankful for.

People forget about other things like freedom.

Being thankful for your mom, dad, cousin, dog, etc. is all good, but it’s so cliché.

Some people don’t realize that there is so much more to be thankful for, that we take a lot of things for granted and don’t sit back and think about it all.

Some things that most people take for granted and do not usually say that they are thankful for is freedom of speech, the ability to learn, hearing, seeing, smelling, the ability to taste and touch things, being able to carry a child for nine long months and giving birth, challenges.

Many people wouldn’t say this, but without it one wouldn’t be the person that they are today.

The opportunity to get an education many people do not have this, the beauty of our surroundings, clean water and healthy food.

Americans waste an estimate of 70 billion pounds of food, safety and security, the American dream.

In America from the time that we are yay high we are taught that we can do better we can do more we can improve our circumstances and we can be whatever or who ever you want to be.

In America we are encouraged and expected to explore, to discover, to try and even to fail.

When we do fail, we get up, brush ourselves off and keep on going.

Many countries do not have that.

We should be very thankful.

This thanksgiving try not to be so cliché when asked what are you thankful for.