Becoming One With Your Bra

OMSignal smart bra to compete with workout tech market

Monique Nethington, Staff Writer

Attention all ladies! The time has finally arrived.

A smart sports bra is heard to be hitting the fitness market this spring season.

OMSignal, a Canadian based tech company that has created a smart compression shirt for men, has created a sports bra for women that utilizes high tech biometrics to track your workout.

The OM bra will be joining the market, for a price of $150 USD, alongside other high tech workout gear like the Fitbit, Apple Watch and Jawbone.

The best feature of the bra is that it can measure when you are doing strength training workouts, along with cardio workouts.

Most of the fitness trackers out there are more geared toward cardio and running workouts.

Which is great but, if you’re like this reporter, running isn’t everyone’s go-to workout.

So what do you do when you want to know how is your gym workout?

You could just guesstimate what you just did or you can throw on your OMSignal bra and know precisely how your workout went.

It measures heart rate and what heart rate zone you are in, breathing rhythm, stamina and fatigue gauge, caloric burn and estimated recovery time between sets.

There is also a run option on the OmSignal app which measures distance and pace during your run.

The OmBra also gives you what they call a “push score.”

Plus it can compare your current workout to past workouts so that you can see if you are over or under trained, while giving you your estimated recovery time between sets.

A bonus to this is that it also gives you encouragement and tips for your current and future workouts.

It is like having your own personal trainer to keep you accountable right by your side for every workout.

How awesome is that?

The real time info is transmitted and recorded with a black box which attaches and detaches around the band of the bra.

The information is then synced to your OmSignal app on your IPhone.

The box is lightweight and small which goes great with the comfortability of the actual bra.

The bra, itself, features lightweight breathable material that conforms and absorbs to your body while relieving stress from the back to optimize your performance during your workout.

The straps are adjustable to five different positions and the chest has removable padded cups for maximum support and comfort.

Which is definitely the most attractive thing about this product.

I’m sure every lady out there can relate to the pain and discomfort (and the hassel!) of trying to find the best bra to fit our constantly changing bodies.

The fact that the tracker is detachable from the bra makes the product even more appealing because you can wear at any time of the day.

Not just to workout.

The only downside to this product is that, for now its only compatible to IOS devices.

But it does connect to third-party apps like: Apple Health, Runtastic and Map My Fitness.

Other than that, the only thing to make it better would be if it actually took your bra size measurement as your body changes.

Let’s take the guesswork out of buying bras for women please!

This product is a definite must-have for anyone wanting to reach the ultimate summer body.

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