Obama lifts spirits with hopeful State of the Union

Alvaro Flores, Staff Writer

President Obama gave Americans a piece of his mind when he made them face reality.

Obama told the nation to stop being selfish and that only a percentage is financially secure with a retirement to look forward to.

Citizens today are fed up from politicians’ false promises that only fill their own pockets.

Many would say Obama is looking out for the nation’s best interest when he says he wants college to be affordable.

After all, what is the use of getting loans with interests if the cost of tuition is ridiculous?

The most fascinating thing is he wants students to be able to learn computer codes.

It is annoying that the media and the ignorant blame the country’s problems on the president when Congress is at fault.

Students on campus feel the situation is so bad that they don’t even care about politics anymore.

Business major, Celest Llamas, said, “I think much of politics is stupid. It’s a waste of personal time to follow.”

Rick Lindsey, culinary arts major, has become discouraged with politics and believes it’s stupid that the White House even bothered to create a snapchat account.

However, President Obama has done an incredible job and he is absolutely right when he said, “Companies have less loyalty to their communities, more wealth and income is concentrated at the very top; even when the economy is growing it’s still harder for a working family to pull itself out of poverty and harder for young people to start their careers.”

Pursuing an education should be the key to get a career and be financially stable instead people are buried in paying back student loans.

It is safe to say that the students of our campus have had enough of Congress’s irresponsible actions and hope they realize not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mout