Talon Mark’s response to Letter to the Editor

In regards to the letter to the editor submitted by Sinead Le,

There have been some concerns brought up over the article we ran on our first print edition titled, “Oyarzabal steps down as vice president” on Wednesday, Jan. 20.

At Talon Marks, we remain committed to bringing the Cerritos College community the latest news and to do so in a timely manner while following our code of ethics.

We also remain committed to covering and writing stories with an impartial lens.

In the short amount of time we had the weekend that Oyarzabal stepped down, we did our due diligence to contact as many sources in order to run the story.

One of the sources contacted was Oyarzabal, who stated he would make a statement off the record, but such statement was never received.

Even if received, we would not be able to run any comments made off the record as per our code of ethics.

ASCC President Eduardo De La Rosa was also contacted for a statement but we did not receive one in time.

Dean of Student Services Dr. Gilbert Contreras was the only person to get back to us in a timely manner therefore his statement appeared on print.

The senators in the article presented their account of how the resignation came about and with that their side of the story.

We ran their quotes, which they carefully pieced together with no intention to harm and ultimately, as a publication, we run what is presented to us.

At no time was the article meant to be a personal attack on anyone involved.

The editorial board maintained a sense of professionalism while publishing the story and will continue to do so as the semester moves forward.