Movie magic is killed by those who don’t shut up

Kristopher Carrasco

Sticky floors, a huge screen, surround sound and a good film are all part of the magical movie going experience, but people don’t want to be reminded of reality during the movie.

Nobody wants to go to the theater to be constantly distracted by the annoying person who has to find every illogical aspect of the movie and point it out for everyone to hear.

There should be a section isolated from the rest of the theater designated for annoying people.

The point of the movie going experience is to become one with the characters and develop some type of connection as the viewer goes on an adventure.

However, this movie magic is sometimes interrupted by your friendly neighborhood loser who doesn’t understand the idea of courtesy.

We get it, “The book was better” or “It’s so fake”, but there is no need to really voice your opinions out loud.

If something about the movie bugs you that much, then just walk out and leave.

This doesn’t only go out to the critics in the audience, but to those who do any of the following:

  • Clap or cheer during or before the movie: We get it, you’re excited for the new super hero movie.
  • Getting out of your seat: Not only are you ruining someone’s illegal recording, you’re blocking my view of the action.
  • Sneezing, coughing etc.: If you’re so sick, stay home and get some rest.
  • Spoiling the movie: There is a special place in hell for those who spoil movies.
  • Sit directly in front of another person when it’s not necessary: Don’t be that tall guy who obliviously sits in front of everyone.

When the lights go down and the film starts rolling, it gives the viewers an opportunity to embark on a new adventure, thus creating a memorable movie experience.

It sucks to get sucked back into reality just because the dude behind you won’t stop commentating while he kicks your seat.

If you bring your children to the movies, make sure you know how to control children.

Kids don’t know any better and it’s perfectly understandable if a child can’t sit through a movie, but if you know that your child will be a distraction then either don’t go to the theater with your child or find a babysitter.

It really sucks to have the climax of a movie interrupted by “Mommy I’m bored.”

Next time you’re at the theater, take into consideration that others are also around you trying to enjoy the experience.