Free Speech Zone: Where would you travel to and why?

Bianca Salgado and Karla Enriquez

Jacqueline Mendez, animal science major, said, “Chicago because that is where one of my favorite bands is from and it is a nice place to go. The name of the band is Real Friends and they are a pop-punk band. I would like to explore and go up north where there isn’t much of the city-life, but to get to see nature.”

Andres Ortiz, psychology major, said, “I would travel to Brazil. One of the main reasons is the carnival that they have there. It is a big festival where everyone dances and the community comes together. I think it is a beautiful place. If I have the chance I would go and visit someday.

Martha Pena, sociology major, said, “Jamaica because I have seen pictures and it it looks beautiful and very relaxing which would sound nice right about now. The ocean is there, so here in the summer the ocean relaxes me, and the scenery here would be different compared to there.”

Estela Bautista, sociology major, said, “I would travel to Hawaii because of their culture. Their music and dances plus the way how they dress fascinates me.”

Julio Arevalo, automotive collision repair major, said, “I would definitely go back to Costa Rica. The reason why I would go back is because of the exotic scenery. The vivid wildlife that is everywhere. Like when you step out from your hotel room you will see iguanas in the walkway and it is a beautiful place. You get away from the city life. You get away from Los Angeles smog.”

Ezenwa Olumba, human development major, said, “I am not really much of a guy who travels a lot. I would probably go and move next to Disneyland. Because I rarely go there since it costs a lot of money. Plus the drive to get there sucks. If I have an apartment or a house across the street that would be pretty cool.”