Can students make America better again?

Tisha Lenon

When it comes to the 2016 presidential election, the possible candidates do not seem to amuse college students.

Between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the lead, this election seems like it is going to be who will be the worst president.

As for Bernie Sanders, he may be the only hope for this country, and the only candidate that seems to care about education, but why is he still a few steps behind?

His personality is not charismatic, he doesn’t appeal to college voters because his presentations aren’t in context for young voters.

What these candidates don’t understand is that this is all a learning process for college voters.

This election may be the first time many college students are voting.

Sure, Sanders has the right ideology for the youth and their education, but if he doesn’t emphasize or elaborate more on his plan, he could potentially lose the youth voter and therefore his nomination.

Many of the candidates don’t understand that if they are able to appeal to college voters, offer them something that they are willing to get up and actually vote for, their chances of winning would increase.

According to an article by CNCB, in 2008, 44 percent of 18-24 year-olds voted, the least out of all the age demographics.

In the 2012 election, only 38 percent of 18-24 year-olds voted, again, the least out of all the age demographics.

If this number goes up to more than 50 percent these candidates would be in a landslide victory.

College students need to feel like they matter to the country.

Students are tired of being dismissed by political powers making them feel as if they or their education don’t matter.

These young voters are the next generation of engineers, teachers, mayors etc.

But what this generation doesn’t understand is that they need to believe that they can make a difference with their one vote.

The reason why Obama appealed to so many young people was because his campaign was “HOPE”.

He made them believe that they were in this together, that their problems mattered and always related himself back to the youth and wanting the youth to excel.

Unlike Clinton whose opinions and beliefs have changed over the course of time to try to trick young people to vote for her.

College voters need to get up and stop complaining about what Trump does or says in rallies and actually do something about it.

There are all these excuses in the world like, not knowing how to register or where to get information, but there are so many resources and social media outlets in the world that can help.

Young people need to become more aware and need to wake up, because at the end of the day whoever gets elected president with or without their vote, is the one making decisions for their future.