Easy access to birth control is a step in the right direction

Karla Enriquez

As of April, women in California now have access to birth control without a prescription and that is not only empowering but a step in the right direction.

Women no longer have to make appointments or wait in the often too cold lobbies in hopes of meeting with a doctor to get a piece of paper that will in turn open the doors to something that they should openly get.

The wait and the sometimes booked physician’s offices may come in between a woman’s ability to obtain birth control.

Without a woman’s choice of contraceptive, she is stripped of her autonomy to control birth or STD prevention, leaving the responsibility solely on her partner.

This not only leaves one person responsible for birth and STD prevention, but may increase the chances of unplanned pregnancies if no birth control method is used.

The passing of the law is supposed to get rid of just that.

The easier the access to birth control, the more it will be used and that doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad idea.

The form of birth control that women can obtain at pharmacies include the pill, patch, injections and vaginal rings.

A pharmacist will assist women by administering a screening to help determine if they are healthy enough to get birth control before visiting a physician first.

There is currently no minimum age to request birth control in California, which with the new law could open avenues for girls and women who are sexually active to practice safe sex at any age and it helps to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

What should also be implemented to accompany this law is better and earlier sex education.

Education at an earlier stage in children’s lives will help the next generation learn and have safe practices when it comes to sex.

Teenagers would not only be taught at an early age that sex at times comes with emotional consequences, but give them the freedom of choice to safely engage if they chose to do so.

The goal here is to teach women and girls about their right to choose and do away with the social stigma that accompanies women with a healthy sex life and welcome safe intercourse.

The goal is also to diminish the amount of unwanted pregnancies at any age.

The sole notion that women have the freedom to walk into a pharmacy and pick up their desired form of contraceptive is a fantastic and progressive step.

The next stride lies in free contraceptives for all and the improvement of sex education to facilitate healthy practices for both men and women.