Zodiac Killer is Ted Cruz

Benjamin Garcia













While there is a scientific explanation for why the barely Hispanic presidential candidate has such an unsettling air about him, there is also some other information that U.S. voters should take into account.

After a series of allegations suggesting that presidential candidate Ted Cruz is the abominable Zodiac Killer, disturbances on several social media platforms on the subject, and mixed responses from the Cruz family itself the nation is stirred to say the least.

From the way he seems to speak in cryptograms, to the way his own family is afraid of him, to early footage of him revealing his psychopathic plans of world domination one can tell that this man is disturbed; what is shown in the media and what he presents to us is wildly untruthful.

On Saturday, March 16, 2013 in a response comments made by Senator John McCain in an interview with The Huffington Post, Ted Cruz said “count me as a proud wacko bird.”

Last month when the presidential candidate came to Jimmy Kimmel Live he nearly bragged about being a serial killer directly after admitting that he does not know whether or not he would run over fellow Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The alleged Zodiac Killer boldly announced his VP before he was even nominated, and stated that Carly Fiorina texts his underage daughters on a daily basis.

In March during a press conference Rafael Cruz freely admitted that he sexually abuses rodents.

The American people are aghast at Ted Cruz’s inability to function as a healthy and stable human being and that is why he is hard to relate to.

The most important point in this phenomenon: In 2012 the GOP pressured Barack Obama, in the midst of his first presidential campaign, to prove that he is indeed a citizen of the U.S..

This makes a precedent for the Democratic party to demand an alibi from Ted Cruz as to where he was when Cheri Jo Bates was murdered in Riverside, Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday near Benicia, and Paul Stine in San Francisco.

The American people should treat the mindless sensationalism against Cruz no differently than they did Obama.

Furthermore they should pay better attention to the standings of Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz that truly make him thoroughly disgusting.