The Envelope – Self-awareness Manifesto

Introvert drinking tea and reading about the universe.

Introvert drinking tea and reading about the universe.

Benjamin Garcia

The world would be a better place if people introverted more.

Politicians would think before they make a decision, so as to bring the most good to society, instead of forming a rash opinion without having all the facts, and defend it in its infancy as a matter of pride.

Parents would realize how their actions and words affect their children’s self-esteem; trying to defeat age and reverse wrinkles makes young people not look forward to transitioning into that chapter of life themselves; projecting the way a sex “should” act is harmful.

If one believes the way one is treated is a result of all of one’s peers “having it out” for them, that person might be the party in error.

Perhaps if a person gave more attention to their inner attributes the person would be able to undo the prejudices society has conditioned the person to adopt and reduce negative emotions.

Perhaps one would look within and go on to recognize the humanity in other people, even the ones with profoundly opposing views.

People would stop thinking that they are better than others who do not share similar ideas (on the other hand one would have to be a proud wacko bird to be a Republican such as Ted Cruz).

Protesters and counter-protesters could stand in harmony and be unified by one common goal, to make this life a happy and fruitful one and promote the happiness and fruitfulness of their neighbors.

Hate would stop being preached in churches, spewed by the establishment media, perpetuated by the police force, nurtured by our leaders and public figures, or minimized by members of the majority.

Perhaps everyone would reflect on what they have accomplished and how they have benefited the welfare of their community; and understand that what they strive for in life is not an absolute guarantee of happiness but a symbol of status, often times as consolation for what they can’t have.

They would know that giving into the illusion of importance through useless pieces of finery makes a person a victim and slave of the corporate overlords; and as a result the working masses would be motivated to seize the means of production, eradicate the presence of capitalism, and give the power back to the people!