Media protects Clinton, while shaming Trump.

David Jenkins

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been hiding documents from the public, but lets be clear on how the media covers these issues.

Many media outlets call out Trump for not being forth front on his tax returns or his medical records, while simultaneously protecting Hillary on her sickness, even as far as her Clinton Foundation “pay-to-play” scandal that was uncovered by wikileaks.

Many in the mainstream media have tried to cast doubt on any sort of questions toward Hillary’s sickness, blurring the lines between rumor mongering and journalistic questioning.

A perfect example of this is by Washington Post writer, Chris Cillizza.

On Sept. 6, Cillizza wrote a column titled “Can we stop talking about Hillary Clinton’s health now?”

In the column, Cillizza went on to say “This is a totally ridiculous issue – for lots of reasons – and that if Trump or his Republican surrogates continue to focus on is a surefire loser in the Fall.”

This was written right after Clinton coughed for approximately four minutes in a Cleveland rally.

He continued to call it a conservative conspiracy, which undermines any sort of journalistic credibility the issue might have.

Then comes Sept. 11 where Clinton fainted at the 9/11 memorial. It turned out she had pneumonia and kept it a secret.

Cillizza then back pedaled and covered the incident as if it came by a surprise.

The left-leaning internet news cast, “The Young Turks” did the same thing.

In a video speaking on the recent Clinton cough, it sarcastically down played the incident.

When the fainting incident came around, it completely downplayed her health in questioning.

We see this nonsense time and time again with Clinton, but if it were Trump, the media and satirical outlets would have a field day. The media would cry even louder for his medical records.

There is a double standard here, but individuals are letting it slide out of fear of a Trump presidency.

There is also a lack of respect toward the intellectual integrity of the viewer and a lack of respect toward democracy.

Both candidates are horrible, but this lesser than two evils argument is allowing the country to accept ridiculous reasoning and embrace emotional arguments.

No wonder the trust of the media is at its lowest in history.