The Envelope, a podcast: Bumfiddling with food

Monique Nethington: We’re here on The Envelope with (multimedia editor and columnist) Benji Garcia and Jenny Gonzalez (opinion editor) and my name is Monique Nethington (sports editor); and I’m the girl that you see in all the pictures for The Envelope, wearing the same green jacket all the time-

Benjamin Garcia: Sunglasses-

Monique: Sunglasses and cigarette; everything that is pretentious, brooding and tortured-soulful that you can have.

Jenny Gonzalez: Which is essentially the college experience.

Benjamin: So how about the food on campus?

Monique: It’s disgusting.

Benjamin: Burdog is embarrassing to say out loud.

Monique: I don’t like The Bowl, It’s gross.

Jenny: Have you tried a bunch of things from there?

Monique: When I’m at school and I’m hungry, the first thing I want to eat is not a bowl of chicken.

Jenny: What about Burdog, the sexiest name out there.

Monique: I only go there to get french fries.

Benjamin: What kind of french fries?

Monique: Just regular fries.

Benjamin: I tried the guacamole fries. [It] need[s] carne asada. That’s the only thing I need.

Monique: I wish that the food on campus was somewhat healthier. *in a defeated tone* Now we have Subway and it’s fine.

Jenny: There’s tofu apparently, but it’s deep fried.

Monique: Deep fried in what? Because if it’s vegetable oil-


Monique: Yeah, it’s gross.

Jenny: It hurt my stomach really bad.

Monique: They just need more choices for students because we don’t want to eat the same thing every day. We have the Culinary Arts Department, which makes really good food, but [it has] a set menu for the whole week. So, it’s good food and I’ll go there, but it’s a little bit pricey. It’ll cost me seven dollars for a salad. It’s a little pricey for a college student.

Jenny: I think salads are ridiculously over-priced. You’re paying for lettuce or spinach. Why is that so much money?

Monique: Yeah, it’s rabbit food.

Jenny: For someone who (is) a vegetarian, that is awful. Like I can get the Subway Veggie Delight which is so much cheaper than an actual salad. Obviously, there are more cabs in there, but I want to eat something substantial and I feel like I can’t do that with these prices.

Benjamin: So how about parking permits, guys?

Monique: I don’t drive so – but Jenny, I know that you’re boyfriend brings you here – you have a parking pass for you guys. Have you guys got violations?

Jenny: Yeah, he did once. I didn’t come to school that day. He came for a final or something. On that day he brought a different car than the one that has a sticker, and the ticket was (about) forty.

Monique: It’s usually the price of the parking pass. When I was at OCC and I did drive I couldn’t tell you how many times I got parking tickets because I was too lazy to buy the pass. But I didn’t want to buy the pass because I didn’t usually drive. My boyfriend at the time usually drove, so I didn’t want to buy it.

Monique: I have platforms editor Chantal-

Chantal Romero: Hey, everybody!

Monique: She’s gonna be taking random Snapchats, so go check it out!

Benjamin: It’s happening right now.

Monique: So we were talking about parking and parking passes, and how they’re ridiculous because we already pay for classes and books and everything. Do we really need to be paying for parking?

Jenny: I don’t think so. I feel like if we’re coming to the institution, we’re paying for things. We pay the health fee and stuff. I feel like if they shrink the price for the parking pass and they add it to our health fee and we pay that one set fee, then it would be cool. But then we also have to consider those who don’t drive.

Monique: I get that the use the parking pass to eliminate people from randomly parking here and leaving their car overnight, but most parking lots have signs that say if you’re here past a certain time you will get towed.

Chantal: Just because they are not charging doesn’t mean there cant be a pass that goes in the car that says we are a part of the Cerritos College community. I don’t know what the reasoning is for the charge, besides them trying to take our money, but there’s a way to control how many cars are parked, or do we not have enough spaces for everyone?

Monique: Yeah, the amount of spaces available won’t change by the number of parking passes they give out. It’s all going to be the same, we’re all going to fight for parking regardless of whether they go to school here or not.

Jenny: There are going to be a lot of students who have cars regardless.

Chantal: What would be the alternative?

Benjamin: Instead of a math building, they build a parking structure.

Monique: But apparently that’s expensive and they don’t want to do that.

Benjamin So that’s all we’re gonna say about bumfiddling. It was a good conversation. Thank you.

Monique: Let’s move on to the self-awareness manifesto, as Benji calls it.