The Envelope, a Podcast: The art of the break-up (Chantal’s break-up)

Monique Nethington: We’re here on The Envelope with (multimedia editor and columnist) Benji Garcia and Jenny Gonzalez (opinion editor) at Talon Marks and my name is Monique Nethington (sports editor); and I’m the girl that you see in all the pictures for The Envelope, wearing the same green jacket all the time-

Benjamin Garcia: Sunglasses-

Monique: Sunglasses and cigarette; everything that is pretentious, and brooding and tortured-soulful that you can have.

Jenny Gonzalez: Which is essentially the college experience.

Benji: So anyway, we need to self reflect more.

Monique: So anyways, that’s my life, I don’t know what’s going on in yours – moving on Benji, what do you have in the envelope for us to read?

Benji: Being published on this most recent print which is Wednesday the 21st, we have the first ever Love & Sex edition where I talk about break-ups; and it’s really fun. Who in this room is going through a break-up or is considering breaking-up, or is just really pissed off at which ever sex you happen to be attracted to?

Chantal: I’m not mad. I think I went through that before, not in my current relationship, but with the last one. It was horrible, I hated my life and I hated him.

Jenny: I’ve had one of those.

Monique: I think we’ve all had one of those.

Chantal: It was dramatic too, it was like in the middle of L.A., getting out of the car, slamming the door and stuff. So I had my little moment. you know, Carrie Bradshaw.

Monique: “Oh Carrie and Jake.”

Benji: So how did you get over that break-up?

Chantal: I cried for like a week. It was Thanksgiving so I ate a lot. And then it took me a while, actually, just because my self-esteem was so done with. When someone is telling you “hey, I have more productive things than to be hanging out with you.” You know, that’s kind of like it”s like ‘oh thanks’ for me.

Monique: “Oh thanks, I’m not important in your life anymore.”

Chantal: So it took a while, it wasn’t gracefully done. I spend maybe like six months where I didn’t do anything in my life. I didn’t go to school, I wasn’t working. I was just very sad and annoyed. I didn’t wanna know anything about anybody. I also went through the part where I went through meaningless relationships. Get on Tinder, swipe right, but don’t call me baby, kind of thing.

Monique: “I like you but I’m not ready for a relationship but you can’t talk to anybody else.”