The Envelope, a podcast: Love & Sex -The art of the break-up (In Conclusion)

Monique Nethington: We’re here on The Envelope with (multimedia editor and columnist) Benji Garcia and Jenny Gonzalez (opinion editor) and my name is Monique Nethington (sports editor); and I’m the girl that you see in all the pictures for The Envelope-

Jenny Gonzalez: The gorgeous girl-

Monique Nethington: Wearing the same green jacket all the time-

Jenny Gonzalez: If you don’t know how she looks-

Benjamin Garcia: Sunglasses-

Monique: Sunglasses and cigarette; everything that is pretentious, brooding and tortured-soulful that you can have.

Jenny Gonzalez: Which is essentially the college experience.

Monique: Yes, but don’t let the outside world influence you and definitely not let somebody else influence breaking-up with somebody; unless you are in love with somebody else, then you need to break-up with the person you are with it. Because if you don’t know why somebody else why don’t want the new person you should go back to being an introvert and self-reflect.

Benjamin Garcia: You guys so my former boyfriend is in love with a guy who is half Sicilian like me, and looks like me; and my name is Benji and his name… starts with a C.

Chantal: That just means he has a type.

Benjamin Garcia: No. I came before him on Snapchat.

Monique: Really. All the pettiness.. is real right now.

Benjamin Garcia: So-

Monique: So don’t let anybody influence, like tell like people tell you to break-up with someone because you don’t want to and then you end breaking up with them. You are going to regret it

Jenny Gonzalez: You are going to regret it.

Monique: You are going to want him back and that’s never going to happen. Kind of, once they’re an ex, they’re an ex for a reason. I mean there’s a difference between actually breaking- up with or just said ‘Omg it’s over’ and you fell like two weeks and you back together and is a little different. You should really think about it though because it’s unhealthy, but don’t let the outside influence you breaking-up with someone because they could be wrong. Just because someone doesn’t like your boyfriend doesn’t mean anything, because they are not the ones dating; or your girlfriend. Those people aren’t dating you two are dating is the only thing it matters.

Chantal: So Benjamin for your next topic on The Love & Sex-

Benjamin: What?

Chantal: For you column. What would be the next topic?

Benjamin: I don’t know. So it comes once every four weeks. So this is the first one. Three more columns, no sex; we’re abstaining.

Monique: Abstinence, everybody. That’s how you don’t make babies.

Jenny Gonzalez: Exactly.

Benjamin Garcia: That’s how can you become a serial killer – and then I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it yet because it’s so far. Do you have any ideas?

Chantal: Maybe first date ideas. Maybe get back or you know how to get back to dating.

Jenny Gonzalez: Next step is getting back on your feet. It would be a good transition.

Chantal: Maybe base off what you’re going through. Maybe this next month you’ll get back in the game.

Benjamin: That could be a good follow up because at the end of this column I, like, listed ways to make yourself be available for people if you are comfortable of dating again.

Monique: Like if anybody is listening just tweet Benji. Benji, what is your Twitter handle?

Benjamin: Pieloverable.

Monique: Tweet Benji at that twitter handle some ideas and maybe your idea will be the next print.

Benjamin: Follow for follow

Monique Follow for follow. Like for like. And that is The Envelope everybody. I am the girl behind the picture, Monique (Talon Marks Sports Editor). We are here with Jenny Gonzalez (opinion editor). We were joined by Gus, our perpetual Talon Marks stalker; but he did not want to say anything. We had a late addition with Chantal, who is our Platforms Editor.

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Monique: And don’t forget: you have the author of the Envelope, Benjamin (Benji).

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Monique: Read it every week, there will be on regardless of whether or not there’s print; because you will be intrigued, you will be interested, and you may – most definately – be offended! Thank you, everyone, for listening; and we’re out.

Benjamin: Byeeeeeeereeeeeee.