The Envelope – Michelle Obama’s angina monologue

Benjamin Garcia

Michelle Obama submitted to the political elite when she spoke at a Hillary Clinton rally on Thursday, Oct. 13 in New Hampshire; which stirred thousands and gave me a migraine.

It was a good show that Michelle Obama put on; how she crossed her hand over her heart to show how affected she was by the words and actions of Trump, and let her voice waver a tad when she spoke about his sexually predatory behavior. She could have been an actress.

The the speech the beloved first lady gave would have been acceptable, perhaps even commendable if not for the context.

How dare Obama speak of the importance of maintaining respect for women and girls when her husband, Barack Obama, is doing so many things to degrade their lives.

He is allowing the corporate overlords to send their families’ jobs to nations such as China, India and Vietnam – where workers are mistreated.

He is bombing them if they happen to be Syrian.

He continues to pollute their water and soil with the Dakota Access Pipeline if they are members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.

The people who are rallying behind Michelle are a bunch of ignoramuses who don’t see that she is not speaking to enlighten the American public in any way.

She is speaking to bash Donald Trump, as part of an agenda to strengthen the Clinton campaign; people are cheering her on, as though criticizing Trump for his atrocities has never been done to death.

People are responding to hate with anger instead of calm and reason – and it’s making level-headed people nervous.

The turbulent sheeple are prone to adopt the mob mentality as an emotional response, which makes it all the more likely for chaos to ensue; this in turn gives me heart palpitations.

The truth is most people do not know that feelings are decisive; they turn neighbor against neighbor and mother against child.

Feelings are not rational, they are based on subjectivity and instinct; and are heavily affected by ones conditioning.

They cause work-place disputes where entitled colleagues fight over petty issues.

They are the motive for every unkind word.

They result in racism, sexism and nationalism – all kinds of pride.

The American people should not be proud to vote Clinton. The American people should recognize that although voting for her is picking the lesser of two evils, it is still evil. They should not be so excited.

I think most Americans believe that all opinions are created equal, I know this to not be the case. I know that political scholars voicing educatedopinions about this election deserve to be listened to; millennials posting some non-genius status on Facebook about Donald Trump is exactly one tier below Michelle Obama’s speech, there’s no substance or insight.

So take off that “nasty woman” shirt and calm down. Just thinking about it makes my heart pound in my chest at a dangerously rapid tempo.

Blessed are those who see the world without the prejudice of emotion, I say the psychopaths will inherit the Earth.