Thank the Democratic party for Trump

David Jenkins

Donald J. Trump won the general election and the aftermath as been outrageous and somewhat entertaining.

Political protest becoming riots, electoral polls proving to be inaccurate in their prediction and the mainstream media having a meltdown. All of this is chaotic, but it is what the Democratic party created for itself.

The media has been pointing the fingers at certain groups. Political pundits have blamed third party candidates Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in swaying votes their way rather than Hillary’s.

There’s even been blame put on the imaginary position that America is a country run by a system of white supremacy or run by (a more legitimate argument) a sexist society; and that this election cycle proved it in its conclusion.

I disagree.

You see, there are three things that are to blame here; Hillary Clinton. The Democratic National Committee’s influence on the media. And the most annoying of them all, identity politics. These three were the formulas in handing President-elect Trump the keys to the White House.

Hillary Clinton

She was an unappealing and scandalous candidate. She didn’t lose because she was a woman, despite popular belief.

Hillary Clinton lost because she was Hillary Clinton.

This woman was full of scandals and prompted right wing positions. Her hard ties with Wall Street, her relationship with the military industrial complex, her bad judgment in legislatively voting for wars that ended poorly, her defense of NAFTA and being under multiple investigations by the FBI.

Naming these things is only touching the surface. This is who the DNC got behind 100 percent and did its best in clearing the path to the nomination. Even going as far as undermining and snubbing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Democratic National Committee

The DNC has a lot of blood on its hands this election thanks to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

Gaining a hold of the emails of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager, the American people were seeing that the DNC coerced with certain media outlets to down play any Clinton scandal and even to ridicule Sanders.

DNC chair Donna Brazile was caught giving the Clinton campaign questions ahead of a CNN debate, which she worked for at the time. It was this kind of insider corruption that Donald Trump made no bones about fighting and putting an end to.

According the Huffington Post, on Thursday, Nov.10, the DNC had its first meeting since the election and Donna Brazile was speaking to her staff of 150 when a staffer , which the piece identified as “Zach” spoke up and said:

“Why should we trust you as chair to lead us through this? you backed a flawed candidate […] plotted through this to support your own gain.”

The piece states that DNC staffers booed but he continued and blamed Brazile for the failed election in saying, “You are part of the problem.”

Many registered democrats echoed that statement in the voting booth or did so by not voting at all. Voters saw through the lies and manipulation of the DNC.

They did all of this in order to have the first female president. This is what happens when you put things such as gender, sexual orientation, and race before policy.

Identity Politics

Which then brings us to what has become a growing cancer of the left, identitarian politics.

This has caused more division than unity and the Clinton campaign played up to it. This concept of looking toward people as a collective rather than an individual has really took a toll on Liberalism.

The idea that because Clinton is a woman then all women must vote for her, if not then they’re traitors to their gender. Or better yet, if men don’t vote for her then they’re sexist.

I’ve even seen black Americans who supported Trump get called “Uncle Tom” as if all blacks by nature must vote Democrat.

The backward thinking behind this is infuriating and there are those of us who can’t stand it any more.

For so long, the left has used words such as racist, sexist, homophobia and other sorts of phobias to label any trivial thing since Obama was elected in.

Anybody who disagreed with certain policies or certain rhetoric was labeled with these buzzwords. Instead of having a conversation these words were used to shut it down.

Well guess what, the left has been crying wolf for eight years and now these words have nearly lost all meaning.

When everything is racist, when everything is sexist, when everything is bigotry, these words lose the impact when actual bigotry comes our way.

And in this election it came our way and these words fell on deaf years.

The Democratic party inflicted this massive wound on itself and instead of owning up to it, it wants to put the blame somewhere else. They made their bed when they chose Clinton, now they must sleep in it.

Now America has a four year Trump presidency and if the Democratic party keeps this up, we may as well embrace an eight-year presidency.