Big is truly beautiful

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Big is truly beautiful

This cartoon represents how women are expected to present themselves on social media. Photo credit: Lucila Davies

This cartoon represents how women are expected to present themselves on social media. Photo credit: Lucila Davies

This cartoon represents how women are expected to present themselves on social media. Photo credit: Lucila Davies

This cartoon represents how women are expected to present themselves on social media. Photo credit: Lucila Davies

Bianca Martinez, College Life Editor

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The average size of the adult woman is now 14 to 16.

Now, we all have an idea what the physique of the currently average woman looks like, ample, shapely and full figured.

However, compare that image to the images seen on magazine covers, on fashion runways and in mainstream media.

Granted there are models such as Ashley Graham and actresses such as Melissa McCarthy who have gained notoriety for being plus-sized while celebrating the naturality of their physique.

Notice that a variation of the word “natural’ is used here, why?

Because that is exactly what the human body is, natural.

The human body is a natural, beautifull construct and should therefore be observed and accepted with the respect that all natural,
beautiful things are given.

For example, we look at a tree and notice the distinct curvature and various bumps and grooves, yet we don’t judge the tree.

We don’t berate the tree, we don’t insult or harass the tree, we just marvel at the tree and simply say that it has been formed and shaped that way.

So, if something compassionate can be said about a tree, then why isn’t the same sentiment being extended to an organism actually capable of thought and emotion?

For some women, or person for that matter, it can be difficult to look into the mirror and be pleased with what they see, some will take drastic measures to live up to society’s unrealistic expectations such as performing physically taxing, strenuous exercises or denying their body of the necessary sustenance that it needs to function healthily.

And why?

Just because they see an unrealistically photoshopped image?

Or because society has dictated that if you are not able to fit into single-digit sized clothing, then you are obese?

That if your body requires a slightly larger calorie intake due to the way that your body is structured then you are considered a pig?

Newsflash, not everyone is built to be thin or skinny, it’s simple genetics.

Some women are naturally full-figured, naturally predisposed to fit in double- digit sized clothing, that is just the way their body and frame has been structured.

It’s a concept so easily explained, yet not so easily understood.

Does society not realize the countless number of individuals who have developed an eating disorder because of the concept that one must be thin in order to be accepted and adored?

Mainstream society is essentially promoting self-harm, every time an image of some popular media idol is photoshopped, every time clothing stores do not carry double-digit or plus sized clothing, every time only thin women are being represented in fashion or in television.

The phrase is “Big is beautiful”, not “thin is tantalizing”, why not keep it that way?

Let’s put the thought of self harm on the back burner for a bit and discuss fat shaming and bullying.

Fat shaming is a perfect example of how mainstream media and society has perverted the mind into thinking that one must be able to see another’s rib or shoulder blade popping out in order to be deemed attractive.

Even children have been fat shamed!

Fat shaming is bullying, it is essentially emotional abuse.

It is a human being telling another human being that that person is disgusting, unwanted, and ugly.

Do you understand how detrimental that is to another’s psyche?

When a person is being called fat or disgusting, which could be anywhere, in public, online, it doesn’t matter, that individual is being stripped of all confidence and self-worth.

The confidence is then replaced with thoughts of worthlessness, self-esteem plummets and depression ensues, engulfing that person with thoughts that they are nobody, that they are unimportant, that don’t deserve to love or be loved because they are “ugly” and “disgusting.”

Fat shaming is essentially the killing of another person.

Emotional abuse is not the only form of fat shaming, there is also physical abuse.

Physical abuse!

Granted most of the time the physical abuse aspect of fat shaming is done to a child by another child, i.e shoving, punching in middle school or high school.

But violence is violence, no matter in what way that you look at it.

It is horrible and unjust abuse that is committed simply by what is seen in the mainstream, what society has conditioned us to think what the concept of ideal beauty is.

All variations of the human form should be widely illustrated and demonstrated in mainstream society because, surprise surprise, we are all diverse and unique individuals.

We all deserve to be represented positively, we all deserve to have our natural beauty celebrated.

Because “big” is indeed beautiful and should never be told otherwise.








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