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Asking for help, courageous not shameful

Photo credit: Gustavo Lopez

Photo credit: Gustavo Lopez

Photo credit: Gustavo Lopez

Monique Nethington

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Today, we live in a society that rarely ever stops to enjoy the the little things in life.

The millennial generation is so caught up in the idea of having to achieve overwhelming success and an extravagant lifestyle that self-care can be completely thrown out the window in search for just that.

It feels like the immense amount of pressure from the outside world to achieve this ideal life has been forever beaten into everyone from such a young age, that people will add so much more pressure to themselves in hopes of not becoming what they think is a failure.

For lack of a better concept, the fear of failing impedes those who struggle immensely with the pressures of life from seeking the help they so desperately need to survive.

The fear of being seen as crazy, whiny or lacking the skills to be a “functioning member of society” is greater than the desire for help.

That idea can lead to extreme consequence such as mental health issues, or worse suicidal ideations.

Just because a person struggles, and may possibly need help to cope with stressors of life doesn’t automatically make them crazy or inept at living a happy functioning life.

Also, just because someone struggles from potentially life-hindering mental illness doesn’t mean that are without hope.

This image, and expectation that society has set for how people should live their life essential shames these people in seeking the help the so desperately need.

According to http://www.emorycaresforyou.emory.edu/resources/suicidestatistics. more than 1,000 students commit suicides on college campuses each year.

Suicide is second leading cause of death among people ages 24-34 and the third leading cause among people ages 15-24.

This is just among high school and college students alone!

In the United States, 34,598 people die from suicide which is almost twice as many as those of homicide.

To not call this an epidemic would be idiotic.

The sad thing is all those deaths are 100 percent preventable. Each and every one of them.

Suicide is permanent solution to a temporary problem, or the very least a treatable problem.

It is time for self-awareness and outreach. People always talk about a silent majority, well those struggling with mental illness, or anything of the sort, are the real silent majority.

The numbers prove it.

Recognizing when something is wrong, or too much, is crucial to being that functioning member of society that the world so desperately wants us to be.

Not being afraid to seek help is also crucial, you will not be shamed in doing so.

It takes great strength and courage to ask for help and admit that, yes, you are not perfect.

No one on this earth is superman (or women,) no one is invincible. That doesn’t mean we can’t be someone’s hero.

Mental health awareness and suicide prevention is a two-way street.

While it takes a person wanting to receive help it also takes someone to make that first step in reaching out.

As previously said, people that struggle can be ashamed of asking for help and admitting that something is wrong.

http://www.emorycaresforyou.emory.edu/resources/suicidestatistics also stated that one of the biggest risk factors for those struggling with mental illness, or suicidal thoughts, is the lack of a support system.

It takes a strong, caring hand to give them that push and let them know that it is okay and that someone is there to help them.

Recognizing the other warning signs is an important aspect of reaching out for both parties.

  • Risk factors that attributed among college students are:
  • Lack of coping skills
  • Difficulty adjusting
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Increase pressure
  • Feeling the loss of a support system
  • Shock to new environment
  • Warning signs that there may be a problem are:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substances abuse
  • Lack of performance

If you know anyone who suffers, or is experiencing any of these issues, extend a helping hand.

Do not be scared of angering the person, or offending them. At the end of the day you can save their life.

Resources like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline are some of the tools you direct people to who are in need of help.

Cerritos Student Health Center also has thier “CAIR” plan which notes how to approach someone who may be experiencing ideations, or troubles.

If you, yourself are experiencing any of these problems, please speak up.

There are resources that can help you. For instance, as a college student your student health center can direct to the school psychologist for guidance.

On the Cerritos College Campus you are able to attend workshops through out each semester that can give you the tools to cope with the stressors of life.

There’s no shame seeking help.

Don’t worry about societal taboos and worry about the state of your well being.

A life is worth more than anything the world can give you, because to someone out there you are the world.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
Asking for help, courageous not shameful