Summer lovin’, had me a blast

Dennis Osorio

We are now entering that phase of the semester in which we turn into lazy procrastinating zombie-like students.

Let’s face it, the last few weeks of the semester are always the hardest. We have to manage to survive the long lasting school days full of homework, projects and studying for finals while our minds are somewhere else, daydreaming about our pseudo adventure summer plans.

We are toward the end of spring semester and it feels like its summer time already. But we should not let this affect our schooling.

Yes, we are two weeks away from summer break but we still have to ace them finals.

In my personal opinion I love that nostalgic-like feeling I get when I conclude a semester, it’s like “Nice, another semester down and almost done with jail, a.k.a school,” (just kidding).

After we go through pulling all those all-nighters, and that weird arrhythmia-like feeling we get when drinking coffee or Redbull to stay up to finish an assignment or to study for that test, we can finally relax and let the semester pass, hoping we get that grade we’ve been working hard for, for the last 18 weeks.

We should really prepare and study to pass that class in which we are struggling. Soon, we’ll be enjoying of our summer vacation…

Summer. Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets…blah blah blah. You get me. It’s that time of the year again.

Summer is when we get to do pretty much whatever we want or can with the people we care about the most.

It’s about creating memories and experiences; creating bonds. It’s about those long nights.

We have approximately three months of vacations and we are already planning, “Oh let’s go to EDC, it should be fun!” or “Let’s go camping, we’ll have a blast”. These are just a few plans that I have heard people have in mind and expect for this summer.

It’s good to plan ahead.

Something that people need to keep in mind though and many don’t is that we need to have fun while being present; by being present I mean that we should take care of ourselves at all times.

Summer is here and we should really enjoy it, but not forget the fact that we are mortal.