The Envelope: What would Robespierre say?

Benjamin Garcia

“The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant,” said the incorruptible leader of the French Revolution Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos testified in front of Congress on matters related to education rights. Congresswoman Catherine Clark of Massachusetts did an excellent job burning DeVos with questions specifically regarding federal funds allocated to schools in voucher programs.

On Friday, March 24, DeVos could not testify that these schools would not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation, special needs or race — proving once again that the Republican party is attempting to disenfranchise the most vulnerable members of our society, minorities, by disallowing them from receiving adequate education.

DeVos is not only trying to steal funding for public schools — public schools that are already failing for a lack of funding — she is attempting to allocate funds where they will be impotent, in charter schools.

The problem with charter schools (besides everything) is the fact that they are more likely to teach that which is not founded in truth.

Religion may take precedence over science — meaning that issues like climate change and evolution will not be taught, or will not be taught correctly. This doesn’t make sense as Pope Francis has written an “encyclical” on climate change. Newsflash: the most well-dressed authority on religion says that climate change is a result of human behavior.

This was after the Education Secretary met with transgendered students and their parents — yet would not commit to protecting the rights of all students.

Nearly two months after DeVos failed to include in her testimony that she would protect the rights of queer students, Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney appeared in-front of Senate to present the Trump administration’s latest budget proposal.

In a similar circumstance, a fascist was torn a new one by a true champion of the people.

On Thursday, May 25, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, not mincing words, questioned the administration’s choice to repeal the estate tax.

The estate tax is a tax on the transfer of the estate from a deceased person; it generally does not apply to federally recognized charities or the spouse of the deceased person. In 2016, only the recipients of the transfer of the largest 0.2% of estates in the US had to pay any estate tax.

“I want you to tell the American people,” Sanders said to Mulvaney during the hearing, “why you think it is a good idea to give 3 trillion dollars in tax breaks to the wealthiest one percent at a time when the rich are becoming much richer — while at the same time you’re going to throw seventeen million children in the country off of health insurance because of unconscionable cuts that you are making to medicaid.”

Sanders went on to question why the Trump regime would throw seniors in the state of Wyoming or the state of Vermont off the Meals On Wheels program, noting that it maybe the one nutritious program they get a day; why the administration would throw women and low-income babies off of the WIC program at a time when infant mortality rates are already high.

He also asked if Mulvaney really thought “it is a great idea to tell a low income pregnant woman” that the proposed budget is “going to take away nutrition programs from children to give a massive tax break of $52 billion to the Walton family.”

Sanders was so ready with a response to Mulvaney saying that the “‘slashing’ of Medicaid is just a slower growth of Medicaid.” He said right away that the growth needs to be congruent with the rate of inflation.

But it is not enough that these traitors of the American public be publicly humiliated on corporate news broadcasts — even if they leave Capitol Hill more embarrassed than the AIDs monkey.

They must face some harsher sentence than to become memes.

These conservatives so readily, outwardly detest abortive rights for women, yet would manically give lethal injections to anyone darker than a paper bag; and they will not admit that police brutality is no longer an epidemic in America, but a vehicle for genocide.

Comrades, as progressives, we are against capital punishment (or as Republicans call it “capital FUN-ishment”) — but so long as the death penalty is still at use in the United States of America, it would be pragmatic for the elite (the politicians and wealthy) to face harsher punishment for their crimes.

The corporate overloads who will not pay the American people a livable wage are thieves.

The players of the military complex and the media establishments that beat the drums of war are murderers; and politicians like former president Barack Obama who carpet bombed the civilians of impoverished nations such as Yemen, Somalia and Syria are serial killers.

Cucks like President Donald Trump who are selling public property — national parks and Indian reservations — to big oil are terrorists and traitors.

“Affluenza”, a term used to refer to an inability to understand the consequences of one’s actions because of financial privilege; describes not only Texas teenager. Ethan Couch who drove drunk in 2014 and killed four people while injuring another two.

These aforementioned species capitalist pigs and their political sock puppets who are working together to throw the American people off of healthcare; killing millions.

Have they forgotten that Robespierre also said, “It is with regret that I pronounce the fatal truth: Louis must die that the country may live?”

I am not calling for the specific head of any politician, but why do these “wingnuts”not fear the people? Will they wait until America has reached the point of revolution?