Don’t cause grief to Griffin

Bianca Martinez

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By now, we have all seen comedian Kathy Griffin posed, solemn faced with a mock severed and bloodied head modeled in the likeness of a specific president — who has a penchant for excessive tweeting, baby-sized hands that are only good for recent blunders such as “covfefe” and a stony faced wife.

However, is what Griffin did immoral and completely repulsive? The answer is: HELL NO.

Despite the fact that the United States of America is going downhill faster than a fat kid rolling down a grassy hill, we still have rights that must continue to be acknowledged.

All Kathy Griffin did was express her FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT which includes the freedom of speech, a right which our founding fathers fought for. They refused oppression, so why should we welcome it?

Kathy Griffin has since apologized for the photograph — but should she?

When former president Barack Obama was elected as president, some individuals in opposition of his presidency strung up mannequins in his likeness by a noose, an act that is by far more offensive than Griffin’s, yet those people were not made to apologize for their actions.

Let us not result to hypocrisy here.

If Trump doesn’t like our right to freedom of speech, then by all means he can get the hell out of office and take that sallow, sunken-faced Pence along with him.

Because of her actions, Griffin has been pulled from CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, an action that was highly unnecessary.

First Lady Melania Trump, has even issued a response to Griffin’s photo by stating, “As a mother, a wife and a human being, that photo is very disturbing. When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”

Woah, wait a minute! Let us stop for a bit and analyze the statement Mrs. Trump just made: “when you consider some of the atrocities that have been happening in the world today…” and exactly what has Melania Trump or her husband been doing in order to help such countries affected by said atrocities? NOT A DAMN THING.

If anything, Donald Trump has contributed to the atrocities with his sanctioned missile strikes on Syria.

Via her statement, Mrs. Trump also implied the presence of a mental illness on Griffin’s part. The only overtly emotional action that was taken on Griffin’s was apologizing.

Griffin has recently done a press release stating that what she did was right, resulting in Griffin breaking into tears later on in the release, stating that President Trump “broke her”

Griffin was essentially guilt tripped for invoking her right to freedom of speech.

Griffin has since received death threats and have those people received any repercussion for their act of terrorism?

Absolutely not

I understand the imagery was graphic and Griffin could have taken an entirely different approach, but what Griffin did was ballsy.

It takes guts to stand up and challenge authority especially when you feel that said authority is staunchly unjust and to a certain degree, oppressive.

What those people did by hanging mannequins of former president Obama was racist.

Let us never excuse racism by simply claiming freedom of speech, do not ever taint a right that means so much to so many.

So here I stand in solidarity, with mock Trump head in hand.

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