Nazis live on while world dies

Bianca Martinez

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We have all seen the pictures by now.

The crowd filled with men fueled by nationalist sentiments, torches in hand, led blindly by a man with a complex.

Except it is not 1923, it is 2017. It is not Nuremburg Germany, it is Charlottesville Virginia.

Some of us have not learned from past mistakes.

Many past leaders have looked at that exact situation and have said, ‘Never again, never again shall we stoop so low in hate and atrocity.’

But here we are now, watching white men carrying pathetic torches and gathering on the campus grounds of the University of Virginia with their arms raised.

If they are such superior beings, then why do they possess inferior minds?

There is no elite being. There is no superior race.

A heart, a brain, eyes, ears. We all have them, but why haven’t we used them? Why haven’t we learned?

When we see the image of these men holding torches, when we see the image of a car mercilessly plowing into a group of living breathing people who have had enough of hate, when we see those who decided to stand up for their rights and the rights of others get mowed down.

In freshly spewed words, Trump claims that “We condemn in the strongest possible terms, this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.”

Why haven’t these torch-wielding men been maced, told to cease and desist or have been arrested?

If you condemn these acts, President Donald Trump, then why weren’t these boys stopped like the Native Americans who protested the construction of the Dakota Pipeline?

Why stop those fighting for their rights and let proceed those impeding on rights?

I honestly weep, I weep for those who have died fighting for the equality of others, I weep for those who died for loving, those who didn’t fit a false idea of superiority.

I weep because we are responsible for our ultimate demise.

My future children and the future children of others will grow in a world that is dying.

Dying at our own hands.

Does that not resonate?

We shouldn’t be angry at others but at ourselves for continuing to live in this ignorance.

Freedom of speech we are told, it is their right to express their belief.

No. No, it is not their right to induce fear, to terrorize, to murder.

Nationalists, they claim, we are nationalists, we are taking back what is ours.

But it is not yours.

It does not belong to the Dockers-donning, boat-shoes-wearing white boy who believes this country is his simply because of bone structure and skin tone.

It belongs to the Native Americans whose blood permeates the very soil that these “men” have claimed as their own.

Tell me, will these same boys be willing to defend the country they are apparently so devoted to?

When Trump sends this country to war, will they be the first ones to enlist?

Will they stand up and say “Hey Donny Boy, where is my buzz-cut and my gun?”

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