The more we get together, the smarter we’ll be.

Benjamin Garcia

To use the argumentative cliche, it’s 2017 and everyone should know that political correctness breaks an important line of communication between groups with opposing views.

Because of this lack of contact, animosity and misunderstanding ensue as one or both sides refuse to hear the other out; calling it “ignorant” and telling them to “shut up.”

Talon Marks says it’s not only radical leftists with unnaturally colored hair and objectionable and altogether overly zealous online posts to blame.

Ever notice how the right likes to throw around words like “pussy,” “snowflake” and “triggered” when talking about the social justice warriors that are ironed onto the reputation of the left like an unsightly patch; yet, they have their own version of “political correctness,” a term the right so derogatorily uses to describe the concept of treating people as though they deserve compassion?

What the right doesn’t want you to know if you’re an aforementioned “social justice warrior” with unnaturally colored hair and objectionable and altogether overly zealous online posts, is that “political correctness” was started in the Third Reich; which as we know, was a right-wing regime.

Political correctness is the cultural version of thought policing, which was enforced by law.

The left has to call out people for being “bigots” or else they might themselves be considered bigoted for omission of action; just as the right has to call SJWs “pussies” and “snowflakes” so that they are not emasculated, or the tamer version of calling someone “anti-Christian” so as to appear to be indeed exceptionally Christian.

It is present in the failing Trump regime and lately, has been illustrated in internal memos between the staff of the National Resources Conservation Service (a branch of the USDA) which lists terms that should be avoided by staff and the ones that staff are obliged to replace them with:

  • “Climate change” becomes “weather extremes”
  • “Climate change adaptation” becomes “resilience to weather extremes”
  • “Reduce greenhouse gasses” becomes “build soil organic matter” or “increase nutrient use efficiency”

And so on. Do you see the Orwellian twists?

Here’s another thing: angry tweets do not change hearts; so why keep dueling within the replies of what seem to be strokes that President Donald Trump has on Twitter?

Besides that, if you do either initiate or perpetuate a Twitter fight — it’s rather counter-productive to tell the other person to delete their accounts; that is the opposite of having an intellectual debate. You don’t want to oppose intellectualism, do you?

Face-to-face communication is important, which is why Twitter feuds like that are silly in the first place; it would be far more productive to have a calm and collected conversation in-person, and apply to the reasoning part of the human consciousness and not the highly primitive emotional faction.

Though Cerritos College leans heavily towards the SJW side of the reactionary spectrum — it is important for all of its students to note that college (yes, even a community college) is not a “liberal think tank” as political pundit Ana Kasparian points out, but a place where your ideas are challenged and you come across points of view that differ from your own.

If the left is so tolerant and if we promote diversity so dogmatically, why can’t we also appreciate a diversity of thought? It’s a contradiction that liberals and leftists have to do mental gymnastics to cope with, if not arrive at the logical answer, which is: the more the diverse a culture is on an ideological level, the better.

What Talon Marks is proposing is to try your hardest to not scream in the face of a moderate Trump supporter wearing one of those gaudy “Make America Great Again” hats.

Be tolerant toward a person whose beliefs, conditioning and culture differ from yours. If it is considered appropriate to do so according to the rules of social etiquette, start a conversation instead of a fight.

Do not approach an actual Nazi, they are potentially dangerous and you are advised by comedian Tina Fey to stay far away from them.

In this way, perhaps we can reach an understanding and accomplish unity as a species; and move on to things that don’t involve identity politics, such as “weather extremes.”

It is better, far better to light one candle than curse the darkness in a world from which the light is rapidly fading.