University of California lawsuit to bring the end of political inactivity

Carmelita Islas Mendez

Many may have heard or read about the endless studies reporting on political activity among age groups.

If not, there is not-so-surprising information demonstrating the dwindling numbers our generation manages to produce for political activity, or in this case, inactivity.

That is to say that our age group is politically inactive according to the U.S. Census Bureau using data from as far back as 1996.

However, the argument can be made that it is not political inactivity or apathy, but maybe political resentment.

It is hard to participate in a process that claims to involve the voice of everyone if the younger voices are often pushed aside or treated as inferior.

Of course, it is hard to voice an opinion, but is even harder to take action when Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA recipients are not even allowed to vote or have a say in their own futures.

Paradoxically, as well as being the most politically inactive generation to come so far we are also noticeably opinionated on national issues along with international issues that affect others.

With the new presidential administration in place it is apparent that politics, political issues and how to resolve them attracts this generation just as much as any other.

For example: just in everyday life, politics find a way to sneak into common conversations.

Unfortunately, it has also managed to determine who can and can not attain a higher education in the Unites States; but there is opposing action from parties who are trying to put an end to the Trump Administration actions which do more harm than good.

Favorite of the younger generation, Bernie Sanders, has condemned President Donald Trump’s action as, “[the] ugliest and most cruel decision made by a U.S. president in modern history.”

The termination of DACA has led the Universities of California to file a lawsuit against Trump and his administration.

While the lawsuit is filed solely for economic reasons, many young people — especially people of Hispanic parentage, undocumented or otherwise — have seen this action as an attack to diversity and to the opportunity this country holds for them.

The lawsuit allows people, and more importantly students, to voice their opinions and hopefully give them a reason to engage in the political process.

The regents of the UCs and Janet Napolitano, President of the UCs, have given a voice to otherwise silent people by being a nuisance to Trump and refusing to stay silent to injustice and future economic harm.

Perhaps this new administration will inspire political involvement needed to produce the change many want to see.

There is little doubt in the minds of many that Trump and his incendiary Twitter posts, policies or remarks will keep anyone from having an opinion

However, it is important to not only formulate an opinion, but also to act on it to see what can be done to right the wrongs his policies might affect.