Smart phones becoming too invasive

Scarled Murillo

Privacy is one thing we can all agree upon is important to humans, but lately technology is advancing and is becoming more invasive in our lives.

Almost everyone owns a smart phone and we cannot live without them, but little did we know our phones are watching us.

Our smart phones are becoming too smart– they know the areas we frequently visit, they know what we enjoy looking at and they can even categorize our pictures into folders.

Apple’s new iPhone operating system– iOS11 has a new feature that has been freaking people out.

It showed off a smarter machine learning algorithm capable of automatically sorting images using object recognition.

One object that was stirring controversy was the word “brassiere” or a nicer word for bra.

If you type in this word, images of your cleavage or the chest area are all in this folder. People are afraid that Apple is saving indecent images of them.

However, with this new feature you can type in about anything and it will be categorized into little folders which are supposed to be easy for the user. For example, you can type in the word “bird” or “cat” and any picture you have with a bird or cat in it will appear.

But another issue that occurred was that Apple only had words to categorize items usually women wear and not men, so if you type in “boxers” or “underwear,” nothing will pop up.

Chrissy Teigen wanted to give her input on this issue. She went to Twitter on Halloween and showed her followers what would happen when you type in “brassiere.” Chrissy is known for taking pictures of her cleavage so her folder was pretty full.

Teigen recently went back on Twitter to show us that she believes her phone and computer are watching her. She tweeted that while removing a face mask, she received many ads on her computer. She tweeted “I think our laptop cams are watching us. This ad popped up for the first time ever as I removed my facemask???”

Sooner or later technology is going to become so advanced that all the episodes from Black Mirror are going to become true. Robots are going to take over and we are going to become slaves to technology. When will we put a stop to this before it’s to late? We must know when too much is enough.