All Colleges Need Responsible Students

Amanda Dollinger

It’s time to get real, Cerritos College. The plea has been made for free Plan B.

“Why should they get it, and we don’t?! We have less money!” The incensed cry can be heard resounding through the halls of this great campus, echoing off of the $4 lattes, iPhones and designer apparel of students walking to and from class.

The reader is encouraged to take a moment to stop, think, and consider their reality with a breath of objectivity. The Health and Wellness Center offers the Plan B pill for $25, 45% less than the price offered at Walmart.

Take a moment to let that sink in. What would a student have to give up to afford $25? A couple of months of Apple Music? A few caffeinated beverages? Perhaps they would have to skip the concession stand during a visit to the movie theater.

The opposing side asserts, “A student shouldn’t have to give up anything! Plan B should be offered free as part of comprehensive healthcare!”

This is, to put it bluntly, hogwash. Plan B is, well, Plan B—an emergency alternative utilized when Plan A doesn’t pan out effectively.

As adults, every student on campus must recognize that Plan A doesn’t always work out, and be prepared to deal with the consequences of that fact.

Whether that be with Plan B, or even Plan C, D or E—to anticipate and plan for these possibilities is critical—it’s part of adulthood.

What does that mean in this context? It means that students who engage in voluntary sexual activities must realize that there is a common side-effect to sex: pregnancy.

Armed with that knowledge, it is not only fair but completely logical to expect students to put away an extra $25, should the need for emergency contraception arise.

The mentality of anticipating the unexpected is the very same mentality that makes students successful in school.

Have you ever seen a student ask for extra credit work, even when they already have an A in the class? This is why—they are preparing for the unexpected; anticipating the possibility of a future mistake or accident.

If the students of Cerritos College are now asking the government to anticipate the unexpected for them, and create contingency plans for them— well, they might as well start asking their professors to hand out free A’s, too. Your decisions are your responsibility. Choose wisely.

P.S. If $25 is split between two responsible adults, that’s only $12.50 each!