Government shut down fails to make DACA more than just a dream

John Chavez

The Democrats failed thousands in their attempt to reach a DACA deal during the recent government shutdown.

The actions of the Democratic Party during the last few weeks were not sufficient for the needs of DACA.

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The issue was split into two debates, DACA and the border wall.

With Democrats outnumbered in the current government, a shutdown seemed like an excellent way to achieve their desired outcome.

The shutdown could have succeeded, if only they had been more attentive to their goals.

The Democrats, who initiated the shutdown, did not accomplish what they intended to do and walked away with nothing.

Almost no progress was achieved from the Democratic point of view. This is unacceptable, a resolution to the current issues surrounding DACA needs to be attended to.

This continued avoidance of the issue cannot be allowed to continue if any progress is to be made.

If Democrats want to succeed in this current political climate, they need to act more aggressively.

Though it was a bold move to initiate such a shutdown with their filibuster in the senate, they did not follow through with their actions afterwards.

It would seem that the ones who benefited the most from this shutdown were the Republicans.

Since they overcame the shutdown, they now have the upper hand in making a deal that works in their best interests.

President Trump was quick to declare victory in his usual way.

The fact that this gave him political ammunition to use against them, regardless if it was entirely true, almost makes their endeavor to start a shutdown a mistake.

Though the Democrat’s refusal to allow the wall funding was appreciated by many, the fact still remains that they decided to end the filibuster on the promise that talks would continue.

They are now in almost the same position with DACA as they were before.

The Republicans now have more of a political advantage. Seeing that they can overcome a Democratic shutdown will embolden them and the president will undoubtedly twist this to his usage.

DACA benefactors, many who are students, now must hold their breath even longer as the talks have been extended.

They should have had an answer at the end of this shutdown. It is inexcusable that such an important decision to many people living in the United States is still being worked on.

Should a reasonable foothold be established for the Democrats, they need to be more aggressive in what they want.

They need to be less compromising if they want to get anywhere in a government where they have no majority.

They must move past the petty squabbling that defines modern politics and begin to work better to achieve their goals.

They must take stronger stances and stay staunch in them. This cannot be overstated. Until this happens, DACA will be only a dream.