Rose McGowan is a McGarbage feminist

Bianca Martinez

Just because you shave your head and put on sweatpants it does not make you a feminist, Rose McGowan, so you can take a flying leap back into that skimpy dress you wore to the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998 because you are not doing women any favors.

McGowan is a garbage feminist, full of shit and does a disservice to society.

The self-proclaimed feminist had revealed how she truly felt about trans women in a podcast interview with RuPaul, stating that because they felt like a woman on the inside that it is not developing as a woman.

McGowan went on to say in the podcast, that’s not growing as woman, that’s not living in this world as a woman and a lot of the stuff I hear trans complaining about, yeah, welcome to the world.

Sorry, Rose, sweetie, but take a look at the byline, as a woman who does experience catcalling and periods, the lives of trans people are hell of a lot harder.

WE are all trying to survive in this world but trans people are clawing their way out from under the constant barrage of transphobia, bigotry and stigma.

Stigma of being alive and not living in the body that they were supposed to be in.

Unfortunately, young men and women are looking up to McGowan, believing that she is a true feminist, and will try and lead by her example.

She should not be allowed to be the poster-child for feminism, these young men and women need a true selfless activist, like Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah.

Not a self-serving activist like McGowan who apparently took a role in the television show, Charmed because it would have helped her gain notoriety in order to fight for the rights of women and against men like Harvey Weinstein.

As noble a gesture as that sounds, it was purely superficial, and simply for McGowan’s gain.

Good ol’ Rosie has recently announced that she is “canceling upcoming appearances because I have given enough.”

First of all, a movement doesn’t end until what they are fighting for has been established.

Do you see women getting equal pay? Do you see trans men and women being left alone with stigma no longer hanging over them like a guillotine?

The answer is fuck no, so sit your ass back down McGowan and fight the good fight because all you are doing now is cowering for cover and licking your own wounds.

You don’t have to die for what you believe but you should sure as hell receive a few battle scars to prove that you have endured heinous shit and proved you’re stronger and survived.

Now is the time to either pick up the baton ourselves in the stride for feminism or look up to someone who will actually run the race for us and hit the finish line. We should never pass the baton to a person like McGowan who will simply drop it when the going gets tough.