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The Problem With The #MeToo/Times Up Movement

Eunice Barron

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Ever since the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct allegations became headline news, it has shocked not only the Hollywood industry but socially as well.

Women of all ages in the workforce took these type of awareness more serious than before.

No one deserves to be inappropriately touched, raped or anything that isn’t consensual.

This includes not only women this also applies to everyone no matter what gender or age.

Ever since the #MeToo movement became viral, all of a sudden everyone seems to care about sexual abuse awareness.

In my personal belief, this movement is good for our society and to encourage women to speak up and ask for help when it occurs.

This issue in Hollywood should have been addressed years ago. Keeping an open secret like that can overtime destroy the victim.

The worst part about this is that these same victims could have spoken up and could have prevented future incidents within the industry.

Why do do think child stars or upcoming stars go crazy?

Of course there could be many things that could contribute when a celebrity does commit the most unexpected decisions.

There is no doubt that most celebrities do at least have been victims of sexual abuse.

It is a never ending cycle that would continue until someone has the courage to stop it.

It is understandable that back then was more difficult due to its time period and the fact that there was no advanced technology such as social media to spread the word.

Now our world is evolving and becoming more open, there is no excuse nowadays of staying silent.

The movement should also support men and people of all ages to speak up and create a better environment for everyone.

One of the issues that I personally have a problem with the #MeToo movement is that it mainly focuses on women being sexually assaulted but does not seem to address men who as well are victims of this.

Hollywood actors such as Terry Crews, James Vanderbeek, and Corey Feldman.

For years, Corey Feldman has been outspoken about his experience of sexual abuse and how it affected him including drug addiction and suicidal attempts.

Most importantly he addresses Hollywood’s problem with pedophilia.

For a fact, Feldman’s claims are true and must be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, these claims are not taken seriously and seem to be ignored in the dark by Hollywood and the mainstream media.

When Feldman guest appeared on The View back in 2013, Barbara Walters responded with “You’re damaging an entire industry” to his claims about pedophilia in Hollywood.

Barbara Walters demonstrates how much of a hypocrite she is as well people like her to speak like this.

Terry Crews also shared his story about being a assault victim.

Crews claims to have been groped by a high level male executive at a party in 2016.

The most shocking part of it was that incident occurred in front of his wife.

Crew’s testimony is a perfect example of how including big guys like him can also be victims of assault.

No matter who you are or what you look like these type of incidents can happen to anyone.

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About the Writer
Eunice Barron, Co-Online Editor

Eunice Barron is a staff writer for Talon Marks and a multimedia journalism major at Cerritos College. She is an entertainment and political media enthusiast....


3 Responses to “The Problem With The #MeToo/Times Up Movement”

  1. Jesse Berryman on February 21st, 2018 5:59 am

    justice for all humans

  2. Kim Lewis on February 21st, 2018 11:01 am

    ‪People involved in Hollywood or really anywhere and know/knew and has kept quiet about what is happening or happened to an innocent child is AS GUILTY as the pedophile that did the raping and assulting! They might as well been there and held the pervs coat and guarded the door…NO ONE has the RIGHT NOT TO HELP STOP this in some way if they possibly can!!

    Wanna know how to help stop a NIGHTMARE that innocent children have to deal with because of the sexual assaults & RAPES of them? ‬ Also, NO ONE should have to deal with suicide or with the aftermath of suicide because of laws that are not there to protect innocent children!

    Do you know, the average age of an adult to come forth and talk about their abuse is 42! Most laws allow about 10 years or so after the incident to file a report. A child does not know sexual abuse is wrong and then it’s blocked out because they feel THEY were in the wrong. Then as an adult they finally come to grips with what happened to them and then it’s too late to get justice.

    We need to have the Statute of Limitations extended OR abolished in states that curtail the victims from getting the justice and life they deserve. We need to start in New York and ask the Senators to #PASSTHECVA ! Then go state by state and the world because #Kids2 deserve justice!


  3. Hoskins on February 21st, 2018 2:19 pm

    The problem with Feldman is that while he was a victim of child abuse, he grew up to be an abuser himself. Many women have come out against him with stories of predatory behaviour. So I think a big part of it is people don’t want to give a voice to a guy who others are writing #metoo stories about.

    On top of that, he recently had an incredibly harebrained fundraiser to have a movie made about himself where once he had 10 million dollars he would “expose paedophiles.” Later he “named names” but people were still left with a bad taste from his original plan. The campaign was also a problem in that no one with any sense supported it and yet it went on for so long that no one could talk about Feldman’s claims without being pulled into this moronic moneygrab campaign. Give him support and you risked looking like you were endorsing this thing that appeared to be nothing but a scam. Support his claims and you’d be helping him rip off simple people who can’t afford to be ripped off. That’s my view on things, anyway.

    I often seeing people say that Feldman is being ignored and this and that, and it’s just like, Have you people never searched Feldman’s name?

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
The Problem With The #MeToo/Times Up Movement