American needs to learn a lesson

Jose Flores

With all the tragedies happening in our borders, America will be a shithole country if our leaders don’t start taking the actions necessary to show who really runs the country.

Majorly Stoneman Douglas High School is the most recent “schooting,” school shooting, that happened in our nation.

Although many are saying this tragedy will change nothing and soon fade away, it is arguable that the nation is facing a pivotal turning point with activists who aren’t even allowed to vote.

Students who have survived schootings are causing an uproar that millennials everywhere are taking in like their secret menu Starbucks order.

Disrespectful as it sounds, these kids are making a mockery of our Constitution by pretty much demanding their state leaders ban all guns.

Instead of skipping school in protest they should be paying attention to their country’s great history of how standing up to the government defines our country’s patriotism.

These “young adults,” whose attempt at five minutes of fame by voicing their tiny brain opinions, should learn some manners.

CNN hosted a town hall meeting in which students verbally attacked Marco Rubio by asking him tough questions.

It’s as if these kids felt betrayed by the people who were put into power to protect them.

A simple ego-nomics class would show these rebels that the National Rifle Association, an organization who, rightly so, believe guns have more rights than human lives, pay politicians for their support.

Lesson number one, survivor students of Majorly Stoneman Douglas High School schooting, money and gun shots speak louder than your cries for help.

How dare they think that a nation, built on a rebellion, would give up guns just because guns are being used the way guns are meant to be used, to kill.

Guns don’t kill people. Mentally-disturbed children between the ages of 18-31 are the real killers but no one is talking about banning them.

And just to inform those that are unaware, a YouTube video, which the site showed was trending, pointed out signs that these “survivors” were actually crisis actors.

The stupid liberals believed these crisis actors, such as David Hogg, without question and are being fooled into believing their political agendas.

It’s also worth mentioning that these kids already were marching and protesting before people who ACTUALLY cared about the victim’s of the schooting had a chance to post their “thoughts and prayers” tweets.

President Donald Trump was kind enough to miss an opportunity of golfing to meet with some gun-violence survivors to discuss what can be done about the gun situation.

That was something nice Trump did, he didn’t have to meet with these punks and their parents.

If anything, the kids should meet with all the parents of the country and tell them how to raise their kids.

People need to grow up, including kids in grade school such as the Sandy Hook survivors, and learn that tragedy is a very real thing that exist in our borders, specially if a country refuses to give up their gun rights.

If anything, the schooting survivors learned the most important lesson there is to learn, nobody cares, specially if the NRA offers them money.