It’s time we had more safety in our campuses and workplace

Jackie Mena

You’ve heard it all over your campuses, in a text message, in emails, another victim to rape, or even in a workplace.

You’ve heard this all over the news with the Weinstein cases and women speaking out, but what are our campuses really doing in taking safety precautions to prevent this from happening?

What are our workplaces doing to take more measures in making sure this is prevented or stopped? It seems the only people who have a call to action are the victims.

We as a society should speak out. Women shouldn’t feel unsafe in a environment like a university or a workplace, but unfortunately this is what women are faced with.

“Thirty five percent out of a thousand women attending colleges will be raped.”

This is according to

That’s a scary number.

These are mothers, daughters, friends, sisters.

Think of the #MeToo movement and the Harvey Weinstein case.

Throughout college years we got text messages from our college or emails stating another assault happened in the parking lot or in the restrooms.

It brings up the question, are we ever as safe as we think we are, even in “public?”

Women shouldn’t be in these types of situations.

Women should not fear that if they walk out of their houses or go to their cars at night, if they will be assaulted.

But, unfortunately it happens, and here are some suggestions to help prevent that type of situation from ever happening in the workplace or on campus to stop these predators in their tracks.

Always carry pepper spray at all times.

Also, when walking alone. If you are walking at night carry it.

Your keys can also be used as a weapon to help protect you, carry them in hand.

Know where everything is, in case you need to run to get help.

Always have a back up plan in mind, if something were to happen what could be done in that certain situation?

If you see something, do something or say something.

Sexual assault goes beyond campus, even in the workplace. In a situation where the person who is doing the act will feel, “victimized,” making one feel that one has to do certain things to get the job or position.

The answer is NO.

You don’t need to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

We need to stand up and fight, women have been oppressed to think that if they speak we will be shut down.

But how will change happen if no one makes the first remark?

Whether you are male or female, it does not define who we are, nor does it give any one the right to disrespect or touch another human being.

Women are shaking the media, standing up to their oppressors, and finally we as women have the last say.

It’s time for women to take their freedom back, their safety. It’s time to stop saying #metoo and start saying #enough.