Blackfish, more like the new and improved catfish

Guadalupe Zaragoza

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TM Guadalupe Zaragoza
In today’s society, blackfishing has wildly become common, among social media specifically, in which white individuals appropriate black features with the expectation of gaining attention, followers and sponsors.

Currently in the news, the topic engaged in discussing one individual in particular, Emma Hallberg, a Swedish social influencer and model whose side by side photograph received much hatred.

From an African American perspective, it regresses to the awful memories of the late 1840s where the use of blackface was used for comedy and entertainment.

Based off the information provided, it serves as a perfect example for those who are dimwitted enough to not fully recognize how such actions perpetuate conflict.

What makes Hallberg situation even worse, as well as the many who are also a part of the controversy, is that it is obviously for attention, specifically for more followers on social media.

Nowadays, the mentality of needing to be popular on social media platforms and in real life play a large role in their lives. The recognition captures the attention of sponsors who accredit them with great outcomes, such as wealth and luxury.

In Hallberg’s case, with such a huge following on Instagram and a good amount of subscribers on YouTube, her makeup and fashion led to various companies contacting her in the disguise of a “black” woman.

As she profits while playing a so-called mixed biracial individual, she is 100 percent taking opportunities from others who clearly need it and are actually African American.

Those who blackfish are fooling themselves into believing that who they are on social media are real and that they are dealing with similar issues that African Americans face.

This will only lead others to think that this is a good idea to pursue blackfishing because of all of the attention from sponsers. Today’s new generation iswilling to do anything to gain popularity.

A reality check needs to be done and that’s final.

People can’t sit there and expect this sort of situation to turn over. Those who blackfish need to be sat down and confronted.

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