AirPods are just a trend and full of hype

Keanu Ruffo, Staff Writer

The Apple AirPods are not as spectacular as people think they are.

Yes, they’re the first ever totally wireless earbuds, and yes they’re comfortable to workout in.

Too bad the poor sound quality and the ridiculous high price kills the hype for some people.

Are they worth buying? People should think twice before even looking at them in a store and buying them.

The apple AirPods are just your regular apple earbuds, just without the wire.

Nothing has really changed in aside from the transformation from wire to wireless.

The AirPod sound quality is still the same as the original apple earbuds, and the design of the product still allows a lot of outside sound into your ears.

You would think Apple would’ve improved on these features since people are paying nearly $150 dollars for them.

People are just wasting their money on a product that needs to be improved in certain areas.

Instead, they can get their money’s worth if they decide to spend $40 or more on Bose’s totally wireless earbuds, the SoundSport Free or Dr. Dre Beats.

What’s new about the AirPods? It has its own portable charging case that holds up to 24 hours of charge.

There’s a new feature where you can easily take one earbud out and the music automatically pauses, and then resumes when you put the earbud back in, now that’s a smart feature.

Apple needs to recognize that this product lacks new innovative features and improvements, or at least don’t price the AirPods at $150.

Apple should also be diverse with its colors and not just make AirPods white.

According to, since the start of the year, 900,000 wireless headphones/earbuds have been sold in the nation alone and 85 percent of those sold were AirPods.

That’s a lot of white AirPods. Apple should definitely take that into consideration and create different color, other than white.

Hopefully, it won’t take long for Apple to come out with the AirPods two so they can definitely make improvements from the first.