Will the Hip-Hop industry ever have it’s #MeToo moment?

Eunice Barron, Co-Online Editor

Since 2017, the #MeToo movement has exposed sexual harassment and abuse by powerful men in various industries such as in government and entertainment, the only industry that seems to go unnoticed by this movement is the hip-hop music business.

The hip-hop music industry has a long history of not dealing with their problematic artists.

They almost never get called out for their inappropriate actions such as featuring violent, misogynistic lyrics in their songs.

Music videos are a perfect example on how these artists sexualize women as objects, which has become a new normal.

Behavior such as this is questionable since our society is going through massive changes about speaking up against gender-related violence.

With today’s social media technology, fans have it easy keeping up to date on their favorite artists’ history and personal behavior.

In the past few months hip-hop artists such as Tekashi 6ix9ine, Kodak Black and the late XXXTENTACION have been accused or convicted of physical and sexual harassment against women.

Recently, R. Kelly and Chris Brown have been facing accusations of molestation and assault against women.

The glorification of these artists is truly disturbing and hypocritical since we live in an era where we can call out influential white men and actually take them down from their positions of power.

In order to call out for what is right, we as a society must restrain anyone who abuses power towards anyone no matter the appearance or background.

While there may be false accusations against some of these celebrities, but with today’s social media it is not hard to notice strange behavior.

Abuse is abuse no matter what and it must be taken seriously.

For a majority of cases, fans separate their artists’ music and personal character, which makes it difficult take any action against.

It can be hard for fans to give up on their favorite artists but in reality they have the power to call out what is right or wrong.

If fans don’t take action, this type of behavior can continue to damage our society and increase the maltreatment of women.

These types of celebrities feel that they are above the law and think that they can get away with anything.

Many young people see these types of people as “role models” and do not often realize the improper behavior they are displaying.

If we want a better future for our children, we must stand up against what is wrong no matter what.

We live in the best time to restrain people who are causing harm and we must take the opportunity to speak up.

No matter if the accuser is a person of color or not, abuse is abuse and nothing should be an excuse to stand up for what is right.