The Ilhan Omar Controversy Shows how little we care about Freedom and Justice for all

Nizar Milbes, Staff Writer

Amid the frenzy surrounding Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Comments about the influence of Lobby Groups and accusation of antisemitism, the disregard for the plight and freedom of the Palestinian people is even more apparent.

Backlash against Omar’s statements went as far as prompting Democratic House members to prepare a resolution this week to condemn Omar’s remarks where she simply exposed the double standard and hypocrisy of mainstream democratic congress members.

One might say, “Why is Omar so fierce in her issues with Israeli Polices and lobby groups that cultivate these polices? Well for one Omar was elected on a justice and anti corruption platform.

Secondly, Omar, a refugee and war survivor herself, has first hand knowledge of oppression and for this reason she chooses to uplift voices and affirm the struggle of refugees and the oppressed including the Palestinians.

Since Omar has been elected in 2018, the Israeli military has killed over 150 unarmed protesters and injured thousands in Gaza for simply protesting for a better life.

Approximately 75 percent of Palestinians living in the besieged coastal enclave are refugees that survived the expulsion of their families during the establishment of the state of Israel.

According to a United Nations human rights council report, Israeli soldiers have deliberately killed unarmed children, journalists and medics that have been protesting or witnessing the protest along the fence that separates Gaza with the rest of Israel and Palestine.

Since the Gaza strip and West bank are virtually on lock down, unemployment and poverty has soared.

Residence of Gaza have less than four hours of electricity a day and depression is on the raise.

For the first time in history, US congresswomen Betty Mccollum introduced the first ever legislation to promote human rights for Palestinian children in 2017.

Yes that’s right for “Palestinian children” and only 24 members of congress signed on to the bill as of today.

So everyone should understand the frustration of objective politicians that are tired of the double standards that doesn’t promote true American values one of them being freedom and justice for all.

Like the great Martin Luther king once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

The silver-lining is that the political climate in the US is shifting. Progressives, young people and many people of color have emerged in the saga of Trump era to step up against injustice and racism.

Many of these forces led the efforts to water down the resolution that was initially intended to condemn Omar and Speak out against antisemitism.

Instead, a better resolution was passed that condemn all forms of bigotry. Ironically, many of the republicans that cheered on the initial idea of condemning anti Semitic racism, choose not to vote on the new bill because it included references to Islamophobia and white supremacy.

Antisemitism is real but instead of trying to muzzle real debate about an issue that questions our values and our interests, there needs to a debate about real anti antisemitism like what happened in Charlottesville which is very dangerous .