The follow-unfollow cycle is a social media curse


OPINION: Following others just to unfollow them and gain “clout” is an annoying trend on Instagram.

Keanu Ruffo, Staff Writer

Why follow somebody online if you’re going to unfollow them a few days after or weeks?

It’s not cool at all doing this type of fake following.

This method is actually called the instagram follow-unfollow method.

It’s often done without thought but the people subjected to this process often feel hurt and annoyed.

Playing the follow-unfollow game is the quickest way to show your true colors and prove yourself as “fake” person.

“Influencers” like this should really find another way of growing their account.

You may get more followers but it’s not like you’re going to get more likes on your posts.

You can’t expect to get any more likes and you’ll likely still be in the same range of likes you had weeks before.

The next time the person you unfollowed comes across your post, they’ll scroll past without even acknowledging it because they don’t recognize who you are or even simply because they resent you as a person.

The effect of this is an uneven follow-to-like ratio.

Sure, some people may like a post or two but that’s about it. Nobody cares how many likes you get, to be honest.

This tactic has become increasingly popular but simply a massive annoyance.

If you’re trying to gain clout or show off to friends that you have a lot of followers, just buy followers which usually come in the form of accounts that are run by bots and inactive accounts.

At least you won’t be hurting anybody’s feelings or throw that person off in a weird way.

Many people do this type of fake following even to people they know and talk to.

Your engagement doesn’t matter to these people. You are simply a number that’s added to their collection.

The world would be better off with fewer fake friends and allies, if we’re being honest, and sadly the Instagram community is full of fake people.

If you’re a pro athlete or a celebrity, it’s understandable that you don’t follow everybody back that follows you. That would be a ton of people.

But if you’re in school doing this, just stop. Followers mean nothings in real life and fake credibility is a terrible use of your valuable time.

In high school, I’ve seen flesh and blood humans question others, in person, about their following and followers. Yes, this actually happened and it didn’t go too well.

People who use Instagram for its purported purpose are trying to connect and keep in touch with close friends and family members, not to become used and unfollowed for someone else’s benefit.

Bottom line, the follow-unfollow method may bring you some followers but in the long run it will damage your reputation and character as a person.

This obvious cue of lack of character may be enough for others to disregard your value as a friend and human in real life, not just online.