Death by COVID-19: America’s grand reopening


America strives to re-open as newer COVID-19 cases and death tolls rise. Photo credit: Sofia Gallegos

Rebecca Aguila and Edgar Mendoza

As protests gather in masses across the United States, demanding that the country be open again, many Coronavirus deaths are posted every night on news outlets and social media platforms.

The voices of those shouting for safety are becoming drowned out by a government that hears only voices accompanied by the rattling of coins.

This country is choosing to prioritize its pocketbook over its people and those very same people who are most at risk are encouraging it.

In California alone there are over 1000 new cases confirmed with each passing day, New York accounts for over 280 thousand cases across the country and the United States is well on its way to surpass 1 million cases.

President Trump has been pushing the idea of “opening up America again” into the minds of many Americans.

Those who are on board with the idea think this means they may be able to enjoy their personal liberties.

Back in March, President Trump stated in a news press conference that he would love to see “packed churches” on Easter Sunday which has continued to spark a resistance to not paying attention to statistical information and ignoring medical officials’ orders to stay at home.

President Trump went so far as to tweet “Liberate Michigan.” There is nothing to be liberated from, no rights have been infringed upon and no large-scale imprisonment is in place due to COVID-19.

People are free to go on walks, or for a run, but when the leader of your country declares you need to be liberated, safety and precaution gives way to mob rule.

In response, many anti-social distancers are confusing their personal luxuries as essential needs and not listening to evidence, turning a blind eye away from reality.

Possibly opening the country has many citizens across America in fits of rage in response to getting fed-up with not being able to do their normal everyday things.

In order for America to re-open again, COVID-19 death rates and new cases need to be going down for at least 14 days and that’s one thing that doesn’t seem to be happening throughout the country as new numbers begin to rise.

There needs to be at least 500,000 tests available in order for everyone to go back to their stock life accordance to Dr. Ashish K. Jha, Director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, but there continues to be barriers that prevent the U.S from opening such as CDC’s faulty testing kits and the FDA prohibiting expansion of its’ testing sites.

The CDC’s current report of Coronavirus related deaths is updated every night at 4pm Pacific-standard time and yet people continue to demand that America undoubtedly needs to be opened for inessential businesses.

It’s way too soon to be considering opening America and some wealthy elitists and conservatives choose their personal needs as a way to “fight for their freedom”.

Doctors and nurses are on the front lines risking their lives to fight this virus and ignorant people in this country continue to choose their selfish beliefs instead of understanding that there is currently a pandemic taking an unprecedented toll on everyone.

We cannot continue to rely on a system in which our leader tells us to inject Lysol into our veins and news outlets have to forego the information that is important in order to deal with his inane claims.

These protests are the result of what the respective populations have been told.

When people are told they need liberation, they will fight for it. When the nightly news tells you the virus was possibly grown in a lab, people will believe it.

Americans need to begin their own research in order to see the true effects this pandemic has on our country.

We are not in a race to reopen. There is no prize at the finish line.

If our country chooses to reopen its stores and unlock those doors, their first customer will be disease.

Do your own research, follow guidelines from health professionals and realize that this is bigger than all of us.

We are the United States of America, so let’s start acting like it.