Elephant’s Corner: Joe Biden’s major Afghan failure


Therese Lim/Therese Lim Artistry

Photo credit: Therese Lim/Therese Lim Artistry

Robert Yeutter

Welcome to the first publishing of the Elephant’s Corner column. This is a free speech column. This column will feature a right-leaning opinion but strives to be a common-sense column.

Joe Biden and his administration have left a lasting image of America and the way our withdrawal from Afghanistan, although it is a good thing, was handled incorrectly.

First off, you could not leave Americans and those that helped our cause behind. Whether the number is one person or a thousand people, it does not matter.

America is a country that does not leave its’ people behind and that is exactly what the Biden administration has done.

Secondly, we should not have left our military equipment behind. Our equipment is some of the most advanced technologies in the world and leaving that behind can allow the Taliban and other terrorist organizations to reverse engineer our equipment and take our technology.

We should hold those in charge accountable for the actions that lead to this great failure.

Joe Biden has shown the enemies of this nation that we can be walked over and that we will leave people behind just to meet their deadline.