Venue to blame for Astroworld catastrophe


Travis Scott performs at Spectrum Center in Charlotte, N.C. on Sunday, March 24, 2019. Scott’s performance was part of his Astroworld Tour. (Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer/TNS)

Kara Alexander

Astroworld, a two-day music festival for rapper Travis Scott took place this weekend. A total of 50,000 people were in attendance for this event, from adults to children.

It has been reported that at least nine people were killed, ranging in various ages from 14 to 27, dozens more were injured. The chaos that transpired at the festival seemed almost unreal, like some kind of scary dream.

Who is at fault for this catastrophe that took place, is the venue or Travis Scott?

The vendors of this event did not do all they could in order to help people stay safe.

According to the mayor’s office, one of the injured included a child as young as ten.

City officials reported that injuries began when a large crowd of people started pushing towards the stage.

It is still undetermined what caused the deaths during the two-day event, but medical examiners are investigating.

Videos taken at the festival showed crowd goers pleading with the camera crew and organizers of the events for help; in which they were ignored for a while before receiving the proper help.

Chief Troy FInner of the Houston police department stated in an interview that details about the festival are still unclear, including what caused the crowd to surge forward.

The vendors are 100% to blame for this tragic incident.

According to the insider, “People in the crowd were the victims, because they were put in a situation beyond their control by the organizers and by the people who approved the event.”

The organizers had a responsibility to ensure everyone was accounted for and safe, they dropped the ball.

Once crowd goers started forcefully pushing their way to the front of the stage, security and organizers should have alerted people to move back in order to stop panic from arising.

Initially this is what caused the night of disaster and tragedy.

In addition to being pushed around some crowd goers reported that they experienced trouble breathing as well.

Security and vendors should have had better control of the situation and been more proactive when problems arised.

There should have been more of a concern for the people who were experiencing trouble breathing, panic, and discomfort instead of solely focusing on continuing the concert.

This event should have been stopped in an effort to get all the injured the proper medical attention and help needed.

Vendors of this event could have prevented it from taking place by having a sense of urgency during the festival, their responses to being begged for help by crowd goers were lax and unbothered.

People’s lives were at stake and there was no regard for their lives from the vendors of the event.

Organizers lacked concern and empathy for what crowd goers were experiencing.

Had this event been handled in the proper way the audience would not have such a horrific experience.