‘Bullying is for the birds’


Twentyfour Students- Vicky & nist6ss

Three young girls whisper and verbally bully the girl with the cap.

Samuel Carey and Joel Carpio

Bullying can be traumatic for most people, some people take the act of bullying to heart and want to cause harm to others.

Bullies can get quite physical with people who don’t know how to fight back, and can cause issues for the victims who go through this.

Students who have been bullied before do not feel protected by the staff, as most teachers will just send the bully to the front office, but that will not do anything.

The victims of bullies should be able to stand up for themselves and should not be afraid of the consequences that they may face.

I know the feeling of being scared to fight back against a bully, the feeling of being brutalized in front of others, and being the laughingstock of the school.

These types of victims should not be punished for standing up for themselves, they have been tormented enough and no one comes to their rescue.

When it comes to this kind of harassment, bullies can take it too far and try to embarrass the victim, making them want a dangerous kind of revenge.

The Columbine school shooting from April was committed by two victims who were constantly being harassed by their classmates and attempted to kill much of the school in retaliation.

There needs to be a good solution to stop bullies from bullying others; the only way to do that is by getting counseling.

Observe what’s going on in their mind to find out why they act out in a way that harms people’s lives.

Teachers should get involved with students who are being terrorized in school and should try to help them and not add to the problem.

Some teachers think they’re helping by getting the bully in trouble but in reality, made the situation worst for the student who told or “snitch” making them afraid for doing the right thing.

A couple of days ago in New York, an 18-year-old Asian student was stabbed by a 17-year-old, and reports say that he was bullied.

“We’re looking at the metal detecting systems themselves, we’re looking at the calibration,” acting Superintendent Brian Nolan said.

“The police are interviewing the assailant and trying to get information from him on how the weapon was brought into the school,” he said on WKTV.

The majority of Americans who have been bullied make them bitter and mean and if a person isn’t careful they too can become bullies themselves, it’s a cause-and-effect type of situation.

According to pacer.org, “Students who experience bullying are at an increased risk for depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, etc.”

If the victims don’t do anything about their condition and being bullied then it can be worse on them their mannerisms in life, either that or they just don’t want to talk about their past.

The solution to this problem is for schools not to punish people who are bullied or aggressed just as severely as the bully or aggressor.

To go one step further, the school should punish the bully by putting them in anger management.

Schools should take more of an active role because it’s causing harm to tons of students and even worse, causing unnecessary deaths.