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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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EA Sports, please bring back Def Jam Fight for NY!

Samuel Carey
Bring this masterpiece, Def Jam: Fight for NY, back on PS5.

The cult classic for 90s kids growing up was the PlayStation 2 but most importantly were the video games to go along with it.

Def Jam Fight for NY was the Mecca of Hip-Hop of fighting games. The first one came out back in 2002, but the sequel was even better.

EA Sports BIG are fully responsible to make this game happen they made the SSX franchise and NBA Street Vol series so it would be amazing if they open up Def Jam one more time for the people.

Revamping this game would put EA Sports BIG back on the map as it was 18-years ago.

The game features popular rappers of the time, such as Snoop Dogg, taking part in a street fighter style fighting tournament.

Better graphics at the time, better story plot, and this one even has blood in the game, as a kid I never wanted to leave the house.

If this game was remastered on the PS4 or PS5 so many people from that era would be amazed.

A continuation of the franchise would have the opportunity to introduce new rappers to the combat.

The game acted as a time capsule for the era. It included real rap artists, real producers, and real models that the player can chose as their girlfriend.

Fight for NY has the best story mode out of the trilogy as Def Jam Icon (Third one after fight for NY) was terrible.

The third installment’s graphics weren’t up to speed and the main villain was Anthony Anderson, which was not a smart move.

Def Jam Fight for NY you can do so many things, for example; a persons created character can get tattoos, learn different fighting abilities, and get different haircuts.

As a child that was amazing to me because I never knew games can do that at the time, the game even lets you pick out your opponents jewelry if you defeat them.

Other than the fighting it’s the music that gets people to pay attention to the game because its mainly old school hip-hop like Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Ice T.

The game definitely had new music by different artist like Shawnna, Sticky Fingaz, and Freeway. Most play the game for the music others play it because of the people that’s included as I said before.

Let’s not forget the weapons that you can get too, if this game was added on the new generation of PlayStation then gamers would lose their minds. Bats,Bricks, and Pool sticks were even used.

This one version of the game even the crowd can get involved and give your character a weapon to hit your opponents or even hood them as you give them a haymaker.

Sony needs to give the people what they want and make this what if fantasy a reality, this would keep the fans of Def Jam a huge smile on their faces if it was actually to happen.

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Samuel Carey, Co-Community Editor
Samuel Carey is Co-Community Editor  for Talon Marks and is energetic to report the news of communities. Carey appreciates watching T.V. listening to jazz and hip-hop and wishes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in Summer 2023 and wants to open his own national syndicated radio station.
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EA Sports, please bring back Def Jam Fight for NY!