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What women want

Photo credit: Carlos Ruiz

Photo credit: Carlos Ruiz

Photo credit: Carlos Ruiz

Bianca Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

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Hi, are you a male sexually attracted to the female gender?

If the answer is yes, find a comfortable locale, take a seat and learn the answer to the age old question, “what do women want from a man?”

1. Don’t mansplain.

I once had a boyfriend who used to mansplain on a daily basis until one day I snapped, “Just assume I know everything, because I do, but when I don’t, I’ll let you know.”

Now I know that some guys think they are just being chivalrous, but in actuality it’s condescending and pretentious.

Women are not helpless creatures, when we need help we’ll let you know but until we ask, take the cue that your input isn’t necessary at the moment.

This also goes for when women are telling you about their day, they don’t want you to provide solutions, sometimes all we need is a supportive ear.

2. Under no circumstances do you address women in an archaic manner.

“Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich” is the perfect example.

You don’t hear women saying, “throw on a loincloth, grab a spear and provide for me.”

You want to treat a woman like a housewife from the 1950s, then go become a hunter-gatherer like the neanderthal that you are.

3. Accusing women of being on their period when they are displaying a disposition that does not work to your advantage is ill advised.

As cisgendered men, you have never experienced a menstrual cycle a day of your existence, because of this lack of empathy and understanding of a menstrual cycle you decide to resort to the trait some of you may know best, assholism.

Do your research, be patient and most importantly, be kind.

Make sure your partner is comfortable during that time of the month.

Do the things that she likes, like making her favorite food or playing her favorite movie.

4. Don’t ever gaslight or manipulate your partner whenever they bring forth a concern about your actions in your collective relationship.

If you can not effectively manage human emotions then leave the relationship and let your partner take the path towards self-healing, because at this point you are being emotionally abusive towards your partner.

Only a soulless human trashbag would emotionally abuse the person they claim to love.

Don’t be a soulless human trashbag, it’s literally that simple.

5. Women were not created to cater to you.

Women are entitled the right to not speak to a man they don’t feel comfortable with, just so they can be viewed as polite.

The female sex does not have to smile for your creepy asses just because you think it would make them look “prettier.”

Here’s the thing, nobody asked you, last time we checked men are not the authority on what’s pretty.

6. Your partner, and women in general, have the right to say no in any situation, at any time.

Women are not your property, if she says no to any of your shenanigans, then that’s it, end of conversation.

Just because you don’t agree with that no, doesn’t give you the right to guilt trip your partner or just proceed anyway.

If you love and support her as much as you claim, don’t dare put her in any uncomfortable situation.

7. Have an open line of communication with your partner.

If a problem arises, let your partner know so you guys can both work together to resolve any issues.

The worst mistake you can make is to let problems fester to the point where they can no longer be resolved.

8. Be patient, especially in moments of disagreement.

If both parties lose their cool and say things that they both don’t mean and insult each other, then all respect is lost and the relationship can never regain that level of harmony it had before the disagreement.

9. Remain loyal to your partner.

Unless your partner has cheated on you there is no excuse for you to continue with that sense of loyalty.

If your partner has cheated on you then end the relationship.

If you find yourself attracted to or chasing after other women, then do your partner a favor and end the relationship right there before you deteriorate her level of self-esteem even more.

10. Stop projecting and erase the concept of fragile masculinity.

If you are so uncomfortable with who you are as an individual then take a step back from the relationship and reevaluate yourself and self worth.

11. Be aware and tolerant of your male privilege.

As a male, you normally don’t run the high risk of rape, assault and robbery that women do.

You don’t have to walk after dark in a hurried panic, clutching keys or mace in your hand while you whip your head frantically around to make sure no one is following you.

So when women recount an experience where they were catcalled, don’t tell them that it was a misguided compliment, or that they should of told the catcaller to “fuck off.”

Women have been killed for something as simple as politely saying no, men haven’t.

Be self aware that women don’t have the same liberties as men do.

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One Response to “What women want”

  1. John on September 5th, 2018 6:02 pm

    1. You are not always right, it’s not a gender thing, and anyone can be wrong. Also i can easily call any women saying why im wrong as womensplaining so stop using terms like that. As for giving solutions, excuse us for trying to give you possible solutions in order to get rid of your problems, ill be sure to let women suffer from their problems in peace.
    2. Not many men do this unless as a joke, and i would find it hilarious if a women told me that. At least she is honest enough to admit she wants me to take care of her.
    3. Sure i dont know but ive been in horrible, insufferable moods before and i have the know how to avoid people as to spare them from my unprovoked rage.
    4. I agree that we should better ourselves by acknowledging our flaws and getting past them but i hope any women im with can be criticized without getting angry like the men you claim do.
    5. I can agree but men are the authority of whats pretty to themselves so…
    6. I also agree, just like how men can always say no
    7. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship.
    8. Also a very valid point.
    9. Cheating is wrong no matter what.
    10. What the heck is fragile masculinity? Please stop using these terms as if they are common knowledge and make a short point as if everyone already knows why they should agree.
    11. a) Wrong https://www.nij.gov/topics/victims-victimization/pages/welcome.aspx
    “Men become crime victims more often than women do”
    Dont believe the govt? Try this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_differences_in_crime#In_the_United_States
    b) Based on the statistics i should be scared but im not because im on a campus with security everywhere.
    c) “Women have been killed for something as simple as politely saying no, men haven’t.” What horrible neighborhood or country do you live in where women are killed in broad daylight for responding to rude men?

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What women want