Cerritos finishes second in supremacy

Led by three state championships, the Cerritos College athletic program moved one step closer to winning the National Alliance of Two-Year College Athletic Administrator (NATYCAA)/Pepsi Cup, as the Falcons finished second in the final state standings this season. Cerritos, winners of the state championship in women’s soccer, women’s track and field and softball, finished with 160 team points and trailed only Fresno City College, who concluded the year with 164 team points.

A college is awarded points based on its teams’ final positions in post-conference competition. Each college’s top-five men’s and top-five women’s team results count toward the school’s overall point total.

The second place finish is the highest in the five-year history of the award, besting their fifth place finish from last year. In the first year, Cerritos placed 18th in the state, followed by an 8th place finish (2004-05) and 14th place finish (2005-06) before their fifth place last year. Orange Coast College won the Pepsi Cup championship last year, while Sierra College captured the inaugural award in 2003-04. Fresno City won the award in 2004-05, and Long Beach City College claimed the top spot in 2005-06.

During the year, the Falcons won eight South Coast Conference championships – women’s soccer, wrestling, women’s basketball, baseball, men’s and women’s tennis, softball and women’s track and field. In addition to the three state championships, the wrestling team finished second in the state championships, while the women’s basketball team advanced to the state quarterfinals and the men’s tennis team was the Southern California Runner-up.