Football depth helps success

Natalie Costello

The depth of the Falcon football team has been a recent factor in its success this season.

So why does coach Frank Mazzota play so many players?

“Every player has a little nitch, and when it comes to back-ups I am a firm believer if you play too many freshmen, you will lose. This year backup is very good, despite that they are newbies.”

Besides the many players Mazzota plays, it’s also the expectional defense, and scoring a lot of points.

The key is Chris Morales, even though he had three interceptions against Ventura, which could have lost the Falcons the game.

But players like linebacker Jack Francis basically saved the game by stopping the other team from scoring.

Other players like Micheal Willie and Josh Robbins are two of the most important receivers in the team.

That kind of reliabilty is something that Mazzota could not count on in previous seasons.

Morales expresses that he reacts off what the defense does and the faith he has in the line blocking to get that ball to the recievers so it can do its job.

“In one way or another, every player contributes somehow to the team,” Morales said.

Willie has the same feeling, working together supporting each other and making sure you do what needs to be done to get the point across that they are a hard working team that is key, and of course to get that championship ring.

The defense for the Falcons has been what Mazzota called exceptional as of late, getting key interceptions and key tackles in late game situations.

Mazzota feels no pressure, however playing as deep as third string players, stating that every player he puts in to a ball game makes a key contribution to a win.

The difference Mazzota sees in his players this season is the character and concern each player has for one another. That kind of chemistry and deep talent is what leads to state championships.

Mazzota doesn’t just play players because they are on the roster, making it clear that he looks to players who practice hard and show they are an asset to the team.

Although Morales threw three interceptions in the game versus Ventura, Cerritos gained 525 yards in that game, 360 yards passing.

Having that many players on a roster creates confusion as well for the opposing team and the Falcons have made sure to spread the ball around and substitute defensive players which rests starters and gives bench players building confidence.

Mazzota also makes sure to let his players know that if Morales can function and play well so can the rest of the team but when he struggles they also need to back him up and pick up the slack.

When players make mistakes, Mazzota doesn’t expect this team to lose the confidence or dwell on the previous play but to smile and show that they are still mentally involved in the game.