Men’s water polo beats up LA Trade-Tech

Ivanhoe Ramon

It was a mismatch from the sprint to the end of the match. The Falcons offense was very efficient and their defense was tough.

What about the defense? The Falcons defense allowed 6 goals, all in the second half, but it seemed as if they didn’t try to stop LA Trade Tech from scoring.
At one point, a Cerritos defender blocked a shot, it went back to the LA Trade Tech offense, they scored, and the Falcons goalie screamed “That was my save!” in a joking manner.
Freshman Miguel Cijada led the team with 3 goals.
Nine different players scored in the match. Ethan Clotzer, Jon Canizales, Shaun Farnell, Daniel Peng, and Cory Baccus each scored two goals.
Baccus was second on the team in assists with 3, trailing only sophomore Joe Joson out, who led the team with 4 assists.
On defense, the Falcons used three different goalies.
The most effective goalie was the starter, Justin Calderon, who didn’t allow a single goal and posted two saves entering the half.
Calderon did play in the second half, but as a field player not a goalie, and played well, posting a save and an assist as well.