Stovall, among others leading the way for track team

Andrew Perez, Stovall, Theodate, and Carrington have all just recently competed on Tuesday in the South Coast Conf

With the Cerritos College track and field team on its way to another successful season, the team’s throwing branch of shot put, hammer, javelin, and discus throwers has contributed its portion of shining stars as well.

Freshmen’s Samuel Carrington and Sony Theodate, along with sophomore Aundrea Stovall, are leading the way for the Falcon’s field events as they venture on another run at the state championship.

Lloyd Higgins, throws coach for the Falcons, states that putting in the same amount of work in the weight room, as well as out in the field working on their technique, is what makes these individuals great at what they do.

Higgins describes Stovall as an athlete that’s as versatile as any.

She holds the season’s sixth longest throw in woman’s javelin; she is ranked second in woman’s pole-vaulting in southern California, and is also ranked third in woman’s high jump in southern California.

This being her sophomore season, her most outstanding athletic display thus far has been placing second in the Southern California Heptathlon Championship.

She racked up 4327 points, the second most in school history.

At the event she tied for first place in the high jump, 1.59 meters, and placed second in three more events: javelin, 34.70 meters, shot put, 10.17 meters, and the 800-meter run, 2:29.24.

“I think I’ve came a long way from the athlete I was before,” Stovall proclaimed. “I’m a lot stronger mentally and physically.

“I want to make it further in state than I did last year.”

Theodate, who was recruited from Florida after high school, uses his 6’5” 245-pound frame to specialize in the events of shot put, discuss, and hammer throw.

The Antelope Valley meet could be considered Theodate’s best performance as he threw a season best of 50′ 3.25” in shot put, to earn second place, and a discuss throw of 142’3” to earn third place.

His best for the hammer throw came back in the Beach Invitational where he launched the 16-pound metal ball 46.83 meters, meanwhile his seasons best for discuss, 44.53 meters, occurred at the Santa Barbara Easter Relays.

“Weightlifting has got me a lot stronger,” Theodate said. “I had good technique but he [coach Higgins] really taught me how to get it out there.”

Graduating from the same high school as Theodate in Florida, Carrington can be considered most successful in the discuss throw, although he still competes in shot put, javelin, and hammer throw as well.

In the Overflow Meet hosted at Cerritos College, Carrington snatched a first place finish in the discuss throw with a seasons-best distance of 157’8”, out tossing the second place finisher by 5’8”.

Carrington similarly owes his success to the work he has aggregated in the weight room and close attention to technique.

“[Coach] Higgins is real strict on technique,” he said, “without technique you could be strong as ever, but it won’t go far.”