cerritos vs santiago

by Carlos Blandino

  On Nov 24, Cerritos College women’s soccer team played against Santiago Canyon College at Cerritos.

In the beginning of the first half Cerritos was successful to get the ball from their rival, but the game began to intensify in the first five minutes of the game

It’s seemed to be hard competition against both team’s as they struggle furiously for control of the game.

Not until Cerritos started to dominate the competitor but was not able to execute and score a goal.

From there the competition began to play more aggressively.

As Cerritos stepped up its defense and was successful to hold the visiting team from scoring.

As they went back and forth for control of the ball the atmosphere of the players started to change as two rival teams started to play with determination with every second of the game.

Ten minutes into overtime a Cerritos player scored a point on Santiago as she maneuver over the determine visiting team wining the game to one to zero.

After the game number 13 Jennifer Vega said ” the competition was playing with determination but we where able to come out on top and win the game”

Also head coach Ruben Gonzalez said after the victory game ” In the beginning the competition was playing aggressively not permitting us to score but with a little adjustment we where able to execute and that what we be training for all this semester.”