M.Maestro- Whether or not Cerritos College should have Intramural Sports

Melissa Maestro


When talking about sports, Cerritos College has some of the best teams on campus, but that is because these athletes are experienced and are already great at the sport they play. What about those who are not as talented as those who are being recruited to Universities? Should they not get an opportunity to play sports while in college too? Perhaps they can.


Intramural sports are a way for unskilled athletes to get a chance to play a sport in a certain club or group.


Many University college campus’ have intramural sports, as well as some Community Colleges. Cerritos College is one of those few that who do not have this program.


Unlike normal sports, intramural sports will not count as Physical Education and would not be counted as any units. It is a voluntary sport, just as a club is and will not require try-outs. It is a way to have fun, make new friends and obtain good physical fitness.


The requirements when joining intramural sports are the student must keep their grades up to play, and they must have a certain amount of units in school. They are responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and wearing the right attire. They must also respect the equipment, their coach, and their teammates. 


Unfortunately many feel by creating this program it will ruin the image of real athletes with talent.


 I, on the other hand feel it is a great idea. It will keep students busy exercising and doing what they enjoy without having to feel the pressure of being recruited or being the best.


A staff member with some sort of athletic experience would be a good person to direct intramural sporting.


Since many coaches are busy coaching their team during the season, as well as attending meetings during the off season then perhaps a health and fitness teacher would take the job. Be a volunteer and help those who choose to play sports.


For some students, this may give them the opportunity to get conditioning, so they can be a part of that sport once the season comes around. Perhaps that person can join a team and get a scholarship to a university? We will not ever know unless we try and assist those who are self-conscious about their talent.