Cerritos College should have intramural sports

Melissa Maestro

    When talking about sports, Cerritos College has some of the best teams on campus, but that is because these athletes are experienced and are already great at the sport they play.

What about the people who are not as talented as those who are being recruited to universities?

 Intramural sports are a way for unskilled athletes to get a chance to play a sport in a certain club or group.

Many college campuses have intramural sports, as well as several community colleges that offer sports such as flag football, basketball and baseball, among others.

Cerritos College is one of the few schools in the area that does not offer this program.

Unlike the average sport played at Cerritos, intramural sports will not count as physical education classes and would not be counted in units.   

Participation would be voluntary just as a club is and would not require try-outs.

 It is a way to have fun, interact with others and make new friends, as well as achieve physical fitness.

There are some requirements that other schools have, that  our school would adopt, such as making sure that students keep their grades up to play, and they maintain have a certain amount of units in school.

They are responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and wearing the right attire.

They must also respect the equipment, their coach and their teammates.

Students like freshman softball player, Veronica Perez, feel that  creating this program will ruin the image of real athletes with talent.

She said, “I say ‘no’ to intramural sports, because why play if you’re not that good. If you have a hobby there is slow pitch, and other types of leagues, but not at a college varsity level.”

Other students disagree with Perez. Softball player Kristy Mele said,” I do think we should have intramural sports, because they give people who are not good in sports a chance to actually play and learn.”

Many coaches are busy coaching their teams, however even the busiest coaches support this idea; softball coach Kodee Murray being one of them.

She said, “I think that allowing students to sign up for intramural sports develops a sense of pride for going to the school that you are attending and it is an excellent idea.

“Intramural sports bring a unity to a school, they pull students in that do not have the time, or maybe not the skills, but it is something that they can belong to.”

Considering games do not plan themselves, there would need to be a person directing this program.

Murray suggested that “some one who is huge on physical education, a person like coach Deborah Jensen who can organize big groups and move them, and a person who does a lot here at Cerritos College.”